Everything I Love About Being A Flight Attendant Mom


Everything I Love About Being a flight Attendant Mom

I’m a Flight Attendant Mom.  My job requires me to leave the people that I love.  Although it’s only temporary, leaving home is hard. Even with my constant comings and goings, I love being a Flight Attendant Mom.

If you would’ve asked me years ago if I would consider a career in flying, I would have looked at you as if you had two heads. Absolutely not!  The thought of me leaving my children and husband was inconceivable.  But that all changed in 2013 and since making the decision to fly, I have no regrets.

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Random trips to the beach on a work layover in November. The beach is my Happy Place!

Here’s Everything I Love About Being A Flight Attendant Mom!


One of the best things about being a Flight Attendant is having a flexible work schedule. It’s important for me to choose a schedule that works best for me and my family. If this job did not allow me the time to care for the ones I love at home, I would not be doing it.

I work an average of 15 days per month. I usually opt to work weekends since I’m now homeschooling my children. I rarely have trouble getting the days off I need.  And I rarely miss an important event.

Most of my trips are 3-day trips.  I try to get the ones that allow me to leave in the afternoon and return in the afternoon on the 3rd day. That way I’m only gone from home one full day.  This makes it a lot easier for the kids when I leave.

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World Travel

It’s because of my Flight Attendant career that we’re able to be a well-traveled family.  We recently returned from a 7 day trip to Paris and Morocco.  We used my flight benefits to fly Delta One, first class, to Paris and connect on Air France to Marrakech.  I haven’t had a chance to price what it would’ve actually cost us, but I know it’s upward $10,000 just for the Paris tickets.

Prior to being a Flight Attendant, I was an airline  Customer Service Agent for 10 years. I had the exact same flight privileges as I do now, but not nearly the same flexibility to use it. Our family trips use to be short 3-4 day trips because I couldn’t get the time off from work. Flying standby you always need a day or two before and after your trips just in case. Now I get my one week plus additional days I schedule off by swapping my work trips.  I can usually schedule up to 15 days off with a vacation week.  We can now take about 4 international trips a year.

We’ve been a traveling family since my 2003. My children have all had passports since birth.
Layovers = Time Alone

Layovers are the perfect opportunity for “Me Time”. I don’t know any mom that doesn’t deserve or need self-care or time alone. At home, it’s all about the family, the house, the blog, and everything else that demands my attention. As a homeschooling mom, I rarely get to do the things I want to do anymore.  But on my layover, it’s all about me.

I didn’t have an exercise routine before flying. Now I stay fit by hitting the treadmill at the hotel on my layovers. Dining alone has never been my thing. But on a layover, I wouldn’t hesitate to find a great eatery in Chicago and wouldn’t dare turn down beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Which by the way happens to be my two favorite layover cities.

Defined Boundaries

Being a Flight Attendant Mom has been one of the most rewarding career choices I’ve made. I get to leave my work at work.  I don’t expect my employer to call me when I’m off.  My home is my sanctuary away from work.

On vacation, I never have to worry about what’s not getting done or piling up on my desk. I don’t ever have to worry about asking my employer to use earned vacation time. (I worked corporate before and I remember this injustice.)

When I’m at work, I’m at work. And when I’m home, I’m home. Boundaries are clearly defined as a Flight Attendant Mom. And this is what working mothers need the most.

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7 thoughts on “Everything I Love About Being A Flight Attendant Mom”

  1. Love the story and I love being a flight attendant mom! I work only 10 or 11 days a month, now I spend most time at home and less time at work and have great benefits and we vacation every month. People ask me, “how can you be a flight attendant and you have a child? I couldn’t leave my child”and my response is, “I work first shift and I’m home in the afternoon to do homework, feed her, give a bath and do her hair and tuck her in!” I have 20 days off a month! I do AM turns, I have the best schedule ever!

    1. Awesome Sharon! If you ever want to share about your experience as a Flight Attendant mom, you always have a place at MyMommyFlies!

  2. I would love love love to become a flight attendant. I have two children myself and we’ve talked a lot about me making this my new career. You’re scheduled sounds ideal and I’d prefer the international route verses the domestic one. And besides my children are game for the new potential occupation. Do you have any pointers or tips and or any dos or don’ts when/while applying. Thank you in advance for you time and responded.

    1. Hi Marekia, be sure to be honest about your work experience on your application and resume. If you have any hospitality or service jobs, be sure to put it on there. Also listing volunteer or community service won’t hurt!

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