Quick and Easy Avocado Face and Hair Mask

Quick and Easy Avocado Face and Hair Mask

Quick and Easy Avocado Face and Hair Mask

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Today was the perfect day for a deep conditioner.  It was rainy and I had no where to go so I could sit long enough for a treatment.    The only thing is I had to get it done quickly.  I was on call for work and if I get an assignment, I would have to make a professional appearance within a few short hours.

I’ve been checking out some of the DIY Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair on Natural Hair Rules! I was especially tempted to try the avocado treatment ever since I saw Adanna’s, from Rattles and Heels,  post about her yummy avocado hair treatment exploits.  

Good thing I had all the ingredients I needed for a Quick and Easy Avocado Face and Hair Mask. Ripe avocado, raw honey, and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).  Although it started out as just a hair conditioner I had enough mix leftover for a facial. I despise waste. 🙂

I received a complimentary bottle of Curls Creamy Curl Cleanser, a sulfate free shampoo,  while attending a blog brunch yesterday.  This was the perfect time to try out the cleanser on my hair.

Here are step by step instructions for a,

Quick and Easy Avocado Face and Hair Mask

1. Peel and mash 1 ripe avocado.  Combine 1/4 cup of raw honey and 2 teaspoons EVOO.

{I didn’t really measure, I just poured my desired amount.}

Quick and Easy Avocado Hair and Face Mask

2.  Blend or whip ingredients by hand or with blender.

{I added some coconut water to thin it out a little.  I also used my Ninja to get a smooth texture.}

3. Strain by pressing through strainer.

{It will not easily pass through so you have to scrape the bottom of the strainer. The texture will be like a soufflé or baby food.}

Quick and Easy Avocado Hair and Face Mask

4.  Wash your hair and section into 4-6 twist while drenched.

{I used my complimentary bottle of sulfate free shampoo by Curls}

5. Smooth mixture into hair one section at a time making sure to cover the roots to the ends. Clip or pin each section to your head.

{After your head is covered completely in this mixture you should have enough left to cover your face.}Quick and Easy Avocado Face and Hair Mask

7.  Start with a clean face and smooth mixture all over.  Avoid the eyes and the mouth.

Quick and Easy Avocado Hair Face Mask

8.  Go back through each section of your hair making sure the hair is saturated. Roots to tips.

{My face started to tingle a bit so I knew it was time to take the mask off.}

9.  Rinse face with cool water.  Apply toner and moisturizer.

{My skin looked and felt very moisturized. I went over it with Witch Hazel to balance it. My pores are visibly tightened.}

Quick and Easy Avocado Hair and Face Mask

10.  Thoroughly rinse hair and wash hair with a sulfate free shampoo.  Style as usual.

{My hair felt very moisturized at the end of the treatment.  Much more manageable and my curls were more defined.

Quick and Easy Avocado Hair and Face Mask

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