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My Very Brief Love Affair with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pt Two

Part Two

(Read Part One of My Very Brief Love Affair with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 here.)

Day 2

8:20am – I wake up feeling a little hungover from staying up late with Samuel.   Yes, I named him Samuel.  I’m still trying to decide how I really feel about Sam.  I know my husband already doesn’t like him since I chose  to spend my evening with him instead.   I look over my bed to the floor and my Note 4 is lying there looking very sleek and brand new.  I think I’m gonna keep him.  I smile to myself and go about my day preparing to head out to work.

11:15am – I start packing my bag and going through my mental list of things I have to do before I leave for work and while I’m gone for work.  I decide to use my Note 4.  I take the S Pen out to write down an Action Memo but I’m stumped when I can’t find out how to turn my written list to text.  I save my sloppy list anyway.

12:40am – I’m sorting through a stack of papers by the bed tossing things I have no use for.  I find a flyer of the karate program at the school and Boy Scout flyer I need for next week.  I use Sam to take a picture of it and turn it to text.  Amazing!  I get so excited, I take more pictures of school flyers I’m eager to toss, but can’t because I need to reference later.  I even start to create folders labeled with the school and year.  So now when I’m traveling I no longer have to ask my husband to find a piece of paper to take a picture and send to me.  If I can change an image to text that easy imaging how much clutter I can get rid off?  No more falling pages from the refrigerator magnet.  Yes! I’m definitely in love.

11:30pm – It’s been a long day and I’ve just reached my hotel.  I do a little shopping for cute cases and I find a few worthy of being placed in my cart.  I don’t buy anything though.  I’m still skeptical and don’t want to seal my relationship with Sam by buying a case yet.

12:15pm I’m looking for the alarm on my Note 4.  I have to go to the applications page and send it to the home page to access it easily.  I set my alarm for 8:00am then dial the hotel front desk for a back up wakeup call just in case.

Day 3

7:55am – Naturally I wake up moments before my alarm.  I watch the time pass and wait to hear Samuel’s song.  It goes off perfectly without a glitch.  I perform a finger little slide motion on the screen to turn it off.  That was easy.

I’m looking for the Milk Music App.  The one that streams free music for Samsung device users.  I find it and it requires me to sign in using my Gmail account.  That’s another thing I noticed that I don’t like about the Note 4.  A lot of the installed apps ask me for my Gmail account.  I’m beginning to feel that Sam is a little clingy and some what possessive.  He wants way more than I’m willing to give.  This can’t be the beginning of a healthy relationship.  I decline and get dressed in silence.

11:05am – I need to check my Paypal account and use my Note 4 to access the Paypal app.  It goes through some updating but then lets me get on just fine.

I start to download the rest of my social media apps but can’t seem to get Sam connected to a wireless signal.  I’m in my work space and I  have access to not one, but two wireless networks.  For whatever reason, I can’t access the Google Play store to download the app and I can’t log into the wireless network.

Still more alerts at the top of my screen.  I go to the applications settings to reduce some of the alerts.  There’s way too many options for me to select for each app but I think I choose one that should work.  I hit save and go back out of the screen by hitting the back button.  That was way too many clicks than what I’m use to.

11:40am – I take my first picture on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  It’s beautiful.  Everything I expected and more.  I do some light editing and post it to Instagram.  I have to download an app just so I don’t have to crop half the picture to post.

I notice that Sam automatically starts to send all of my photos including the selfies I took the first night while in bed to my Google Drive.  I panic.  I didn’t intend for those photos to be posted on my Google Drive.  I vaguely recall selecting my that my photos remain private.  I sure hope I hit Save.

4:00pm – So I gave AT&T another call.  After updating my calendar I discover that my events were showing up a day later on the calendar view than what it was actually scheduled for.  There is no way this Galaxy Note 4 that everyone is raving about, including life long iPhone users like, can be this fickle.  I’ve convinced myself that they sold me a defective phone.  I state my case with the AT&T technical rep and I request that they send me a replacement Note 4 immediately.  They told me that I will need to return it to the same place that I bought it and I had 14 days and there may be a restocking fee if it really isn’t defective.  I told him that  I don’t need 14 days.  I need a new phone.

 We scheduled my appointment the morning after I return home. 

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