Will tubman on the new 20 make blacks spend less

Will Tubman On The New $20 Make Blacks Spend Less?

I recently made a suggestion that black people may spend less with Tubman on the new $20 on my personal FB page and it sparked a very open, yet humourous, conversation.

The thought is that with Harriet Tubman being the sheroic face of freedom for slaves displayed on the twenty, black people will cherish her and not spend so easily as we most often do.

Here are some of the comments:

“I know I’m saving all my tubs.”

“People will stuff their mattress.”

“I want a big stack.”

“As soon as the economy stands still they will realize what we are doing.”

“I couldn’t see a dancer accepting (Tubman) $20 in a g-string.”


“Frank Ski’s got a hook.”

With all humor aside, let’s consider this:

The condition of living in poverty but easily spending your paycheck on Jordans or “Black Friday” is a form of mental slavery.  But with Tubman’s face looking back at you like “Fool, I thought I freed you already!”, many people will stop and reconsider.  Well, at least I hope.

Although most retail purchases are made with a card, there are still a lot of people that use cash.  Either because they don’t trust banks or they don’t qualify for an account, in the black community cash is still King.  With #tubs in hand, perhaps they’ll consider saving it for more purposeful things like books, education, or a saving for a home and stop paying high interest rates on scheming PayDay loan companies that keep our community enslaved.  


Part of me wants to believe that Harriet Tubman’s smooth brown skin, strong jaw and stern eyes glaring at us will awaken our inner conscious that’s been asleep for too long to remember the days when we risked our lives to live independent and free from the white man’s law.

More information on the release of the new $20 bill here: Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson

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