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About Me

“The Best Part About Traveling is Coming Home.”

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Katrina Morrison is a Flight Attendant, wife, and homeschooling mother of 3. She is actively involved in the community and takes great pride in her role as a volunteer Girl Scout leader. Along with her husband and children, Katrina has traveled to some amazing destinations including Morocco, Paris, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.

Since getting her wings, Katrina has gained an appreciation for family, friends, and home. She is often heard saying, “The best part about traveling is coming home”. As a way to inspire other families, she shares her experience and tips on how to balance travel and family on her popular blog

Family Travel Photography
Visiting the New York City Transit Museum


Luxury Family Travel Paris
In Love and In Paris. 


Luxury Travel Curacao Photography
Tree pose on the beach in Curacao, Santa Barbara Beach Resort


Luxury Travel Family Photography
Our Girls Weekend Getaway: Charleston

11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Great to learn more about you! I am from the Northeast also! Born in NYC but lived in Jamaican until I was 10. And I have lived in ATL for 2 1/2 years! I am a travel blogger as well as you know but wish I had the connection of working in the industry! 🙂

  2. Hi Katrina!

    I’m with Noirebnb, a home sharing app and website that provides a more inclusive space for travelers. Check it out:

    I love the post of Downtown Disney Review! We’re the new kids in town, and making plans to launch our full efforts in August [shh, it’s still a secret!].

    How can we be of service? We’re building our presence in social media, and have been featured on USA Today, Forbes, Buzzfeed, New York Times and more.

    Would love to chat with you about a potential blog post, would you be game to discuss later this week?
    Let me know!


    Rohan Gilkes


  3. Thanks Katrina for posting my book on your Instagram page! I LOVE your page, it’s so inspiring. I am a little behind the eight ball when it comes to setting up my own Instagram but when I get the message I want to communicate, I will. So glad to have met you and I’m definitely going to keep in touch. 🙂
    Valerie D.

    1. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Cant wait to finish reading your book! Thank you for sharing so much of your journey with me. It was inspiring!

    1. Hi Maya! Have support. A partner, parent, sister, or nanny/sitter. You need the help. Many F/A’s opt to move closer to family for this very reason. Having a support system at home for your family can really make the difference between a great career or stressful job.

  4. This blog is awesome and I wish it was around when I was a kid. My mommy flew in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and finally retired in 2006. It was always a little strange growing up, telling my friends my mom is in Manchester, England now but she’ll be at the PTA meeting tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for checking it out and thank you for sharing your experience with your #flightattendantmom , Thats really awesome!

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