DIY Kayla The Great White House Pin

DIY Kayla The Great White House Pin

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My kids and I are ecstatic about Stephanie Davis’s new book, Kayla The Great Goes to Washington.   It’s the second story in the Kayla The Great children’s book series and we celebrated by creating our very own White House pin.


DIY Kayla The Great WHite House Pin

Kayla’s family travels to Washington, DC for a summer vacation. Kayla is upset about canceling Fun World but she quickly discovers that a tour of the White House can be just as thrilling.  When Kayla and her family arrives for the White House tour, somehow she is separated from the group and gets lost.

DIY Kayla the Great White House Pin

I read the story to both of my children’s classrooms, it’s the perfect read aloud book.  The kids love the illustration and story line of Kayla the Great Goes to Washington.  The dialogue and events were amusing and entertaining.

DIY Kayla the Great White House Pin

My family and I visited the White House in 2012.  It was our first time and we didn’t know what to expect.  There are plenty of resources online to help prepare for your visit.  Check out White House Tours and Events for how to reserve your tour.   And no worries, the tour guides will make sure you don’t get lost.

Courageous Kayla goes on a search to locate her family and finds herself inside some fun and not so public areas of the White House.  

The kids were intrigued by Kayla’s White House adventure.  And when Kayla gets outed by the man himself, Barack of course,  the kids were sitting on the edge of their seats.

From the look on their faces I could tell they were imagining themselves standing in the room lost with Kayla, better yet, they were Kayla.  Even my daughter’s teacher was engaged by Kayla’s White House experience.

DIY Kayla The Great White House Pin

Washington, DC has always been a popular family travel destination.   Now more than ever, visiting the home of Barack and Michelle Obama is on the top of everyones list.

There are many ways for your family to experience the White House and reading Kayla the Great Goes to Washington is just one of them. You can also take a Free Virtual Tour of the White House:  Inside the White House

Celebrate your reading tour of the White House with this DIY Kayla the Great White House Pin.

DIY Kayla The Great White House Pin
  • Red, white, blue and gold(yellow) felt or foam sheets. (Construction paper)
  • Hot glue gun. (White glue if you’re using paper)
  • Scissors
  • Pins or safety pins.
  • Optional: Rhinestones (Dollar Store)

DIY Kayla The Great White House Pin

  1. Trace and cut three circles, one slightly larger than the other two. Large circle on the white sheet and smaller circle on the blue and red sheets.
  2. Cut the blue circle in half.  Glue the one blue half circle inside the top half of the white circle.
  3. Create the red stripes by cutting the red circle in half and make 5 cuts across.  Glue 4 red strips on the bottom half of white circle starting and ending with the outer strips.DIY Kayla the Great White House Pin
  4. Create a gold star by drawing a small star on the yellow sheet and cut out.  Glue to top of blue half making sure the clean side is facing up.
  5. Cut out 7-9 small white circles, you can also use a whole puncher or rhinestones.  Glue to bottom of blue half circle.
  6. Create the ribbons by cutting an elongated trapezoid (long triangle with a flat top) from the blue sheet.  Cut up the middle from  leaving it attached at the short end.  Cut triangles out of the bottom two pieces for a ribbon effect.DIY Kayla the Great White House Pin
  7. Glue top of ribbon to the center back of the pin.
  8. Glue pin to the back of pin at the top of the ribbon.

*Let the glue cool before pinning on your child and Enjoy!

This is a great DIY craft for the 4th of July!

DIY Kayla the Great White House Pin

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