Don't Drink the Water and 22 Other Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

Don’t Drink the Water And 22 Other Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

Don’t Drink the Water And 22 Other Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

1. Bottle water is fine, tap water from the airplane is not.  Sure the water is treated but it’s not meant to be consumed unless it’s at an extremely high temperature.  That’s why coffee on airplanes taste so bad.

2. Do not brush your teeth or wash your face using the water in the bathroom of an airplane. The water tank is refilled from all over the world.  Ask for a cup of bottled water if you need to freshen up.

3. Don’t go to the bathroom without wearing your shoes.  That’s not water on the floor.  

4. Don’t walk through the airplane barefoot.  The carpets have soaked in everything including the contents of an airsick bag from the previous flight.

5.Never put anything in the seat back pocket unless you plan to leave it on the plane.  You have 50% chance of remembering to take it with you.

6. Don’t play your videos or music without headphones.  If you didn’t bring a set of headphones ask the flight attendant if they have some for sale.  

7.  Don’t talk so loud over the flight attendants safety presentation or video.  Your conversation can wait. Safety is important.

8. Never ever photograph or record the crew for your personal enjoyment without permission. I mean really? It’s rude. Please stop.

9. Please do not fight over the arm rest. The person seated in the center has rights to both armrest. They have to stay propped up for the entire flight making sure not to invade your space. You can lean to  the window or the aisle. 

10. Don’t grab the seat in front of you to support your weight when you need to stand up.  Unless you have a physical disability, pregnant, or you’re elderly use your stomach muscles and arm rest to help you stand.  It’s very uncomfortable for the person sitting in front of you.

11.  Don’t be rude, loud, or obnoxious about the person you don’t want sitting next to you just because you don’t like the way he looks, smells, or acts.  Discreetly tell a flight attendant what your issue is and wait for a resolution.

12.  Never drink too much alcohol before or during your flight.  It’s against FAA to transport an intoxicated passenger and you will be removed from the plane.

13. Don’t bring liquor to consume on the plane. This violates several FAA and airline regulations and can lead to your removal from the plane.

14.  Don’t take all the overhead space by putting all of your stuff in them.  Only your largest bag should go on top. There are other passengers behind you with bags.

15.  Don’t call your Flight Attendant a stewardess. They’ve earned the title so please use it. 

16.  Don’t remove items from the first class cabin while your headed back to coach.  The blankets, pillows, headsets and whatever other complimentary items that are in first class belong to the passengers that paid for a ticket in first class.  Ask for blanket when you get on board.

17.  Don’t let your babies put their mouths or faces on the airplane seats.  It’s nesting ground for germs, bacteria, and God knows what else. 

18.  Don’t ask a flight attendant to refill your water bottle or sippy cup. Bacteria and germs from your personal bottle can contaminate the water bottle it’s poured from.  Sure you don’t mind spreading your germs but how about the guy in front of you with the smokers cough? Can he refill his water bottle to? Ask for a glass of water or multiple glasses and refill it yourself.

19.  Do not grab your bag from the overhead without verifying that it’s yours, especially if your bag is black.  There are many bags that look alike.   

20. Don’t bring food with strong odors on the plane.  Anything with an odor is magnified on the plane, including body odor.

21.  Don’t let your cat out of the bag. If you brought your pet on board in a carrier it needs to stay in a carrier.  Sure your dog or cat needs to stretch and wants to be close to you but your pet is not the only pet on the plane.  Not to mention allergies that people around you may have.  Be considerate. 

22.  Don’t treat your flight attendant like a bartender.  Order you drink and let them move on to the next row.  They have an entire plane to service.

23.  Don’t take out your frustrations on the flight attendant.  They have no control over cancellations or delays.

Additional flying tips:

  • Make sure the lavatory door is fully locked when you are inside.
  • It’s okay to get up and stretch when the seat belt sign is off but don’t linger in the galley.  That’s the flight crew’s working space.
  • Keep your legs and other body parts out of the aisle especially when its dark or when the beverage cart is out.
  • Tell the flight attendant if you are a nervous flyer.  Most are considerate and will check on you periodically.
  • Make sure you have an airsick back if you are feeling nauseous.  It’s okay to ring the call light for this.
  • Keep an eye on your personal things, don’t leave your purse or electronics out if your going to the bathroom. Thieves do fly.
  • Lower your window shade if you are on a red eye and arriving in daylight.  People are still sleeping.
  • Don’t wake up the person next to you to ask them if they want a drink unless you are traveling together.  Let them sleep.
  • Don’t press the flight attendant call button just to have your trash removed or for any other non urgent request.  Flight attendants walk through the cabins periodically.

  • Don’t take your time getting off the plane especially if you’re the last passenger.  The crew can’t leave the plane until all passengers are off and they have to work other flights.

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