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Flight Attendant Mom Chronicles

There’s a lot that goes into being a Flight Attendant and no less, being a mom.  I hope these journals shed some light on this crewlife lifestyle and helps you to fully understand it all.

Uniform Fitting and Homeschool Hump Day
Jan 26th 2018

This week I spent a lot of time at home with the kids which is great, being that we homeschool.  Wednesday’s are our busiest day and we are literally on the go for 10 hours.

Here’s a recap of our Homeschool Hump Day this week:
9:30 am Arduino Class
1:00pm  Gymnastics
3:00pm Girl Scouts
6:00pm Swim Class

Some where in between we have to drop in at home for multiple wardrobe changes, food, and to recharge my electric car.  Nevertheless, I survived another homeschool week.

Last night I worked a lean, which is a one day trip that leaves in the late evening to a city and returns in the early morning.  There isn’t enough time overnight at the hotel to consider it a real layover so we call this type of trip a lean.  We arrived at the hotel close to 1 am and returned to Atlanta on the 6:00am.

I got a few hours of sleep when I arrived home this morning around 9am. My sister, who looks after the kids while I’m away, was here. I’m still very groggy from the short night.  Leans are not easy but your body adjusts.  The key is getting an afternoon nap before you start the trip, which I didn’t do.

I didn’t get a chance to last week, but I wanted to share my experience when I went in for our new uniform fitting.  All uniformed employees will be wearing new uniforms in May, designed by Zac Posen.  I was excited to finally get fitted.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the pieces I ordered.

Inflight Signature Dress designed by Zac Posen
I really like the feel and stretch of the new pieces.


The new red trench has a insulated removable liner and the hood is detachable. I love the color red!

A Room With a View
Jan. 18th 2018

Today was day two of a snow day in Atlanta and I dodged a bullet.  The operation was trying to recover and I still had my 15 hour layover in Jacksonville, FL.  Grateful!

When I arrived in my hotel room I immediately felt down about the nearby buildings shadowing my window and offering absolutely no view or sunlight.  The hotel is on a waterfront and I jokingly teased the other f/a’s riding in the elevator, that perhaps we will have the rooms with a view.

Well, I didnt. I was dissapointed more than usual. Not because I’m use to a room with a view, I’ll take anything that’s clean and comfortable, but I was feeling very low energy.  I needed the sun and the tranquilty of water, and a room with a view would offer that.

It took me a few minutes to convince myself to call and ask for a room with a river view.  Reluctantly I called, hoping not to sound too high maintenence, and after speaking to a very friendly hotel employee, she said yes and even offered to bring the key to my room.

So glad I built up that bit of courage to ask.  I’m fortunate enough to have a decent layover time but my spirit really needed to be refreshed. This view is everything I need and more. Perhaps I’ll leave a nice comment about her hospitality before I checkout in the morning. Grateful.


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