She Believed She Could-Maryam’s Graduation Photos

I’ve recently had the honor of photographing a soon to be graduate of the Emory Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.  Not only is she a dedicated student that persevered through the long process of receiving her second degree, she is also a loving mother, and wonderful sister.  And she happens to be my sister.

I can’t express enough how proud I am of my little sister.  How proud we all are of her.   She has showed us all what it looks like to believe in yourself despite any obstacle that may arrive.


The official ceremony will be Monday, May 9th.  It will be a very memorable moment when she walks across the stage to receive her BSN.


I was excited to photograph her for the occasion but when our schedules conflicted, I was afraid we wouldn’t have a chance.


Less than two weeks away before the big day, I met Maryam on Emory’s campus and with less than an hour we took over 300 photos .


It was a windy day on campus but I could not have chose a better place to shoot.  We were able to photograph on the rooftop of one of the buildings which has a  picturesque view of Atlanta city line.


By no means am I a professional photography, I just have a great camera and I like to shoot.   I did some research on Pinterest for inspiration and came up with a few easy ideas we could pull off with little time.


Maryam came prepared to the shoot with her cap, lab coat, and stethoscope.  I could sense her excitement and although the gray clouds were starting to appear in the sky that afternoon, her smile was beaming like the sun.  It was a very easy shoot.

DSC_0255 (1)

The scrabble pieces were fun and the perfect way to bring our family into the shoot.  We absolutely love playing scrabble when we get together and this Sunday at Maryam’s Graduation Celebration we’ll be sure to get in a round our two.


How happy my family and I are now that she now has a career that will take her places!  Her daughter may not remember how hard her mom worked and the sacrifices that shemade, but I will be sure to tell her just how proud her mommy made us.


This weekend will be extra special not only because of Maryam’s graduation but it is also Mother’s Day.  My family and I will not only gather together to celebrate her accomplishments but we will also celebrate our mother and each other.

Until next time!!


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  1. This is great Katrina the photos are beautiful and capture the essence of Maryam’s success despite the obstacles. Love love love this!

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