Tips for Shopping Paris Garment District

Paris is the fashion playground for the world and a shoppers paradise!


At the center of it all is Le Sentier,  also know to some as Paris’s Garment District.  It’s located in the 2nd  Arrondissement.  Get there by bus, train or taxi and be prepared to do some major shopping.


Check out these tips on how to successfully navigate the shops in Le Sentier, Paris’s Garment District.

Tips for Shopping Le Sentier Paris’s Garment District
  1. Cash is king so have plenty of it.  You have the advantage while negotiating prices when you have cash. Keep it secure on your body to avoid theft.
  2. Not all shops in the area  are willing to negotiate prices with you as a retailer and some will be offended when you try.  Asking if a price is negotiable is the best way to go.tips_shopping_le_sentier_paris_garment_district
  3. Learn some French shopping terms and numbers to help you navigate the stores.  Even better if you can take someone that speaks fluent french.
  4. Purchase large quantities and you’ll get a better price.  We bought scarves and jewelry as gifts for our family and friends at wholesale from one shop and saved lots of money.
  5. Most items are not returnable so you want to be sure you really love it.  See next tip.
  6. Start early in the day, it’s easy to spend the entire day shopping in Paris trying to decide what you want.  Also don’t wait until the end of your trip to shop.  If you’re a serious shopper, you will want a second visit to the district before you return home.tips_shopping_le_sentier_paris_garment_district
  7. Wear comfortable shoes, the streets are uneven and if you’re shopping for shoes you don’t want your feet to swell.
  8. Download a currency convertor on your phone before you go.  Always check the cost against the actually exchange rate.tips_shopping_le_sentier_paris_garment_district
  9. Save your receipts. You’re entitled to a tax refund (VAT) if your purchases exceeds a certain amount in the same day and the same store.  More info here.
  10. Know the European size you wear for shoes and clothing.
  11. Bring a measuring tape since some stores don’t allow you to try on samples.tips_shopping_le_sentier_paris_garment_districttips_for_shopping_le_sentier_paris_garment_district

Any more great tips for shopping in Paris?  Please share them in the comments below  or send me an email at


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