Travel Tips: 10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get to Your Hotel Room

Travel Tips

Whether you have an early morning wake up call or plan to get some much needed rest, these tips will make your overnight stay peaceful and worry free.

Travel Tips:  10 Things You Should Do As Soon As You Get To Your Hotel Room

10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get to Your Hotel Room
  1. Check your room.  As soon as you enter your room check the closets, bathtub, and under your bed. Ideally you should do this before you close your front door.
  2. Double lock your doors.  All though it rarely happens, hotel clerks have made errors in issuing occupied rooms.  The only way to prohibit someone from entering with a key is the double lock the doors.  Also secure any connecting doors.
  3. Put the do not disturb sign on.  If you don’t wish to be bothered by house keeping in the morning, make sure you give notice.
  4. Check the hotel alarm and make sure it’s turned off.  The worst thing ever is to be awakened at 4 a. m. in a panic by a blaring alarm clock that’s not even yours. Unplug it if you’re not sure how to reset it.
  5. Inspect the mattress and bedding. Check for bed bugs, hair or any other signs of uncleanliness.  Flip the sheets off and if you see anything that looks suspicious call housekeeping immediately.
  6. Make sure you have all your toiletries.  If not request them now.  Almost on every trip I forget something from my bag. Don’t wait until the morning to ask for toothpaste or a shower cap, the wait time can be long for them to get it to you or they may ask you to come down and get it.
  7. Close your curtains tight.  If you plan to sleep in, make sure you pull the room darkening curtains so no sunlight gets through in the morning.  I travel with clothes pins to help keep them shut.  Keep them open if you want to awaken naturally.
  8. Know your comfort zone. Set your room temperature so you are comfortable, slightly cooler than usual during the summer and warmer than usual during the winter months.  My comfort zone is between 70 and 74 degrees.
  9. Get a wake up call.  Use your personal alarm clock to wake up or ask the front desk for a wake up call and since you’re on the phone with them might as well ask what time breakfast is.   I set my wake up calls for 5 minutes after my alarm on my phone.  Make sure you make adjustments for time change if you’re in another time zone.
  10. Set your morning Joe. Prepare your coffee or tea at night if you have an early morning.  Add the water and the coffee bag to the coffee make but leave it off or unplugged.  In the morning simply plug in and press brew.

I hope some of these tips are helpful for you during your next trip.  If you have suggestions you would like to share, please leave me a comment below or email me at


6 thoughts on “Travel Tips: 10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get to Your Hotel Room”

  1. I carry cleaning wipes and wipe down every surface in the room from the front door to the window. I pat special attention to the items housekeeping never cleans: TV remote, light switches, telephone, heat/air conditioner controller, closet door handles, the toilet flush handle, and all the door knobs. I’m not trying to get sick on vacation!!

    1. Good advice Erin. I wish I was a diligent as you but I guess I’m just use to being around other peoples germs. As gross as it sounds, it has strengthened my immune system 🙂

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