A Day In The Life of A Flight Attendant Mom

Everything You Need to Know About Being A Flight Attendant Mom

The airlines are hiring again!  Delta Airlines are hiring Flight Attendants for 2018.   Amazing news for the travel industry and for those wanting to get in on it.

If your a mom wanting to travel the world but think you can’t, you are so wrong my friend.   I perform no miracles to be able to fly and be a hands on mom.  In fact, I will argue that it’s easier being a flight attendant than it was being a part-time gate agent.  Trust me, I did the latter for 10 years.

Here’s what you need to considered to be a Flight Attendant Mom:

  1. Don’t hesitate to apply. Most people get nervous and wait to apply until its too late.  Apply as soon as it opens and figure out the logistics later.
  2. Training can be 6-8 weeks full time and your’e paid minimum wage for training.  Training shifts vary and will depend on when you get selected.  You can postpone training if you need to for job commitments, but the earlier you start the better.  Seniority is everything in the airline industry.
  3. Be sure to have your passport or get it renewed as soon as you apply. They will ask when they call you for an interview.
  4. The interview process can be intense but don’t be discouraged, prepare by doing some online research on the STAR method.
  5. Ask someone you know that works for Delta to refer you for the job before you apply.  With such a big hiring they look to current employees for good candidates.
  6. You’re guaranteed 10 days off a month, but most Flight Attendants get 13-15 days off.
  7. Trips are scheduled in 1-5 days increments.  As a newbie you will likely get 3 day trips so support at home is necessary.
  8. Schedules are published in the middle of the month prior so planning your life can get tricky.
  9. You may be required to work out of another base city which you will have to commute, fly in to work. Many flight attendants commute by choice, don’t worry.  Delta has many bases and it all depends on when you start and where the biggest need for staffing is.  Every month you can request to be switched to your home base or even temporarily transfer for the month.
  10. You get paid twice a month based on the hours you flown (flight pay) and the duration you are away from your base like a per diem rate. There’s extra pay incentives for flight leader and international and a few more that looks good on your check.
  11. You can work as many trips as you desire.  The average is 80-90 flight hours.  In the beginning you will work more hours.  That seniority thing again!
  12. You can trade or swap trips with co-workers or the company. Delta makes it easy to improve your trips.  This does require you to spend time on the computer looking for trades.
  13. You will likely work major holidays but if you’re computer savvy, you can figure a way to swap off the holiday or at least get a nice long layover where you have family.  At least one family member on your pass travel can fly with your during the holidays at a high priority standby.  This is a cool feature I’ve yet to take advantage of.
  14. Yes there is holiday pay and it’s really nice.
  15. You will have to work 6 days of reserve, which means you will be on-call for 6 designated days in the month.  It’s usually scheduled in a pair of 3 days but you can also get 6 days blocked together.
  16. The airlines will cover and arrange all hotel and transportation while you are at work. Some layovers are better than others but for the most part it’s decent hotels.
  17. Layovers can be in any city the airline flies to and you can pick and choose which layover you want as long as it is available.
  18. Find another Flight Attendant friend to help you get through the first year and beyond.  Training can be a big deal breaker and I’ve talked plenty of people through it.  It gets so much easier when you get out of training.
  19. The first 2 years your pay will look bad but it gets better the longer you stay. The health, savings, and flying benefits are well worth it in this economy.
  20. Familiarize yourself with the travel industry and be very open for change.  Everything changes in travel and you have to be able to go with it.  Don’t be caught off guard.
  21. You need to have strong support at home.  Hire lots of babysitters and backup sitters.  You should even consider relocating closer to family if this truly is a career you want to have for a while.
  22. Flying is not for everyone.  Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy it as much as I do.  Many people start flying and realize they hate it and quit.  No worries, at least you tried.
  23. A career with Delta can lead to many opportunities.  Delta is good about hiring internally.  There are also tons of ways to get involved in the outside community. I set a goal of doing for community service projects with the company a year.
  24. Flying is a lifestyle but it does allow for other interest.  Many Flight Attendants have second careers and professions.
  25. Prepare for your life to change.

Application are open for 2018, check here to apply: Delta Careers

Have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.  Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. I currently work for delta and i dropped my life to purse this when and how often do they have hiring internally?

    1. That’s a tough question, BUT i’ve read articles that Delta will be hiring this year for flight attendant!

      1. Hi! Just came accross this and wondering how the airline handles pregnancy? Can you fly all the way through until you are due? How do they handle Zika and traveling to places with it?

        1. How you manage your pregnancy is entirely between you and your doctor, however, most airlines do allow flight attendants to stop flying once they discover they are pregnant. Bet of luck to you and please keep me posted!

  2. Great article. I’ve been a ready reserve Gate Agent with delta for a little over two years. I’ve tried three times for in flight. I’m thinking about giving it another go. I will be starting a family within a year or two and was apprehensive about that move to in flight with starting a family. So article was right on time God bless!

  3. Great & so true!!!! Worked for two Seperate airlines. First one went out of Business! No better job! Just hard when your are the lowest in Seniorty! Keep smiling & look to move up in Seniority!!!!! I even made it in to International & then as a Purser !!! More pay Great Job! Delta is known as a great Airline!

  4. Rhank ypu for tge valuable information. I,have always wanted to work in thw airline industry. Is there a upper age limit. I’m older but would love to consider starting a new career… empty best and free.

  5. If I have a phone interview will I need to already have my passport on hand or will they accept me having an appointment scheduled to get one?

  6. I’m so worried, because I live in Texas and don’t know anyone who works with Delta (or any other carrier for that matter) that I can use as a reference:( I know how to operate a computer, but I don’t have any social media accounts since I’ve been a stay at home mom for 16years and a nurse prior and during some of that time.
    This sounds so selfish of me to say that I feel a little resentful that my hubby gets to travels for work, has moments of peace and quiet alone
    ( although I know it’s by default for work), and has adult conversation. I heard that airlines would prefer to hire those without children at home because of possible sick calls, etc. Your website makes me feel hopeful and it’s SO beautifully made! However, me wanting to pursue this at 43, makes me feel like a more youthful with glowing skin crowd has an edge over me. My 20 y/o just got accepted into a regional carrier/s flight attendant training class and I’m SO happy for my girl! Hallelujah!

    1. You don’t need an airline reference or referral to apply. Also your nursing experience is a great asset to any carrier. Please don’t give up. When I was hired there were lots of younger applicants as well as older. I had several older classmates in my training class. A good airline is diverse. It doesn’t hurt to try!

  7. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I am a mother of 6 year old twin boys. Before I was hit with my unplanned twin pregnancy. I always thought about becoming a flight attendant. Once my sweet babies were born. I pretty much let it go. I thought it was impossible. I started research again and I came across My mommy flies. Thank you so much and I will continue to check back on the site for openings.

    1. Please do. Continue to work on your dreams. Life has so many possibilities and I never thought this would be my career. I love flying and the flexibility it gives me to live my life.

  8. Will they hire all 1800 before January? Will some have fall training and the rest spring? How does that work? …I applied and had my video interview! Now I’m just patiently waiting to hear back!!
    Thanks for your post.

    1. So glad you submitted your interview. From my understanding they will be hiring throughout the 2017 year. Best of luck to you. Hope to see you in the skies!!

    1. Hi Anitra, typically there isnt extended time off during training. YOu may get two days off as your weekend but the training schedule varies by class. Hope this helps!

        1. Hi Cam, you will have to discuss this with your instructor. Every situation is different. Thanks for checking in and best of luck!

  9. Katrina, I just turned 57. I want a new journey as a flight attendant. I know I have the years of experience and the attitude for the job but the training has me nervous. Do you think it’s realistic at this age? Please be honest. I don’t want to look foolish.

    1. Hi Sue, several of my classmates in training were in their 50s if not older. It really is based on your experience and what you can bring to the company. Hope to see you in the skies!

  10. So when you say the first 2 years of pay are bad what do you mean ? I read online somewhere that they start at 24.00 is that true ? Also in Thwdelta page it says the the training pay is around 1800 a month , is that false?

    1. Hi Jennifer, I cant really speak actual numbers since it has changed since I started and I came in as a company transfer so my pay was much different. But, when I was in training they paid new hires minimum wage per hour. When you started flying your pay increased. It was enough to care for yourself maybe not a family of 5 like I had a the time, but we’ve since received several raises across the board so that has changed. If it really is something you want and you enjoy it, trust me, the money wont matter. Its one of the best air lines in the WORLD!

  11. Hi my name is mary and dont no where to start i did my app on line and it said go back in and put my resume up. Where can u guide me. And also i want to be a flight attendant. And work at the gate. Help me out. Thank you and how long is training and is there a chance to be based in my home town buffalo ny.

    1. Hi Mary, You should follow the instructions in the application and make sure your resume is posted. Unfortunately I dont have any technical knowledge on the application process. Also, if you wish to be based close to home you need to look and see what carriers are operating out of BUF. You can do that by looking up the airport website, that should give you a list of their carriers and see where there central office is located. Apply to any and all positions with those carriers that you qualify for. That way you can already be in the company when in-flight hiring begins and you gain experience in air travel. That should put you on the right track. Thanks for checking out my post! Best of luck to you Mary!

  12. Hi Katrina, I recently applied and waiting to be called for the F2F interview. Although, I was curious in knowing do you pick your top choices where you would like to be based? Or do they just place you wherever needed?

    1. Hi Ashley, it all depends on the operations at the time. They try to give choices but if they need all 100+ trainees to go to a specific base then they will do that. My company allows us to request transfers into a base each month. I was based in New York the first few months because they didnt need us in Atlanta. After a few months most of us got into Atlanta and dont ever have to worry about it any more. Sometimes it can take longer to get the base you want. For the most part the company and employees are very supportive and getting you setup in whatever base you get. It can be a little nerve wrecking at first but it all works itself out. Hope to see you in the skies!!

  13. Also, is it true if your based in NY your chances of getting international flights are higher, since we would have no seniority basically.
    Thank you Katrina for your help, hope to see you too !!

    1. It depends on the operation at the time. My very first trip I was based in NY and worked to Amsterdam. Others had a different experience. If I were based in NY now I would likely be able to fly more international but no real guarantees.

    1. There are some basic requirements that includes a US Passport or Visa. Please check the site to confirm. Best of luck!

  14. Hello, thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.! I recently applied fir Delta and was scheduled for an online interview. I received the email Thursday at 3pm.. do I have 3 days from Thursday or 3 days including Thursday to complete the interview?

  15. Hi Katrina!
    I completed my online interview questions last week and did not use the STAR method. I feel like I definitely could have performed better as far as my answers go, but I was sure to dress accordingly and complete the interview in a quiet and tidy place.
    My questions are:
    Is there a specific amount of time, upon submitting my recorded interview , that I can expect to hear back if I qualify for the next step?
    Will they contact you to let you know if you do NOT qualify?

    Thank you for your consideration in taking the time to respond!

    1. All of these are questions I cant answer. Things have changed since I applied 4 years ago. Have you heard back yet?

  16. Hello Katrina!

    I am also a mommy of one, I used to be a FA but with EK, now I want to fly again but with a USA airline such as DL. Thankfully I have my parents support’s. Thing is, I applied for the LOD position and I’ve been reading that the LOD’s fleet is boring… Can I later switch to non-belingüal if I don’t like LOD after a year? Or am I stuck for ever as an LOD FA?

    1. I’m not LOD so I dont have all the facts, but I’ve believe you are set in the role until you have to requalify and take another test. 2-4 years I believe.

  17. Hey! Wonderful post!

    I have a few questions…
    What is the most desirable flights that are usually taken by senior flight attendants when choosing schedules?

    When you travel internationally while working, do you have to get a visa for that country? If so, I would imagine your passport fills up very quickly. I believe a standard passport is 28 pages. The government also recently canceled the ability to request additional pages. So my question is, does the airline support the cost of passport renewal ?

    Lastly, I’m an American English teacher currently living in Asia for the past 2(ish) years. I will be coming home in 2 months. Do you thinking would be okay to apply now, and do the video interview while over here? I’ve read it takes a few months to actually get a training date anyway. Or do you think I’m cutting it close, and should wait until I move back to the US?

    Thanks, looking forward to your advice!!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Most senior FA’s prefer long hauls or international. Though some prefer day trips. Its a personal preference.
      The company will arrange any and all required visas though you dont need as many when you are working. You also can opt out of getting a stamp from some ports so your passport doesnt fill so quickly. Yes I believe you should wait sooner to your arrival into the states to apply. You never know when they will call. Hope this helps!

  18. Hi Katrina,
    I was hoping to apply thru Republic Airways. I saw that they require you to have 2+ years of customer service experience, which I do not have. Is it still worth applying? Also, I love your blog. Thank you in advance!

    1. HI Camille. I believe in applying even if you don’t feel you are qualified. Some people are just good at what they do and dont need the experience to back them. Best wishes!

  19. Hi
    I just recently applied (loved your post by the way) just wondering if there’s a certain look they look for?
    I wear hair weaves from time to time I have braces and I’m not thin more curvy?
    Just curious

  20. Hello! Thank you sharing such valuable information. Are the six A days something that only new hires are assigned or will I have A days my entire career with Delta? I am sure it can vary greatly, but from you experience, do you usually get trips on those days?

  21. I am really glad I found your website. I have a question, How can I find someone in the Delta company for a referral? I have friends in the AA but no one in Delta. Do you have any advice for that?

    1. Hi Miae, I recommend you search your social networks. Maybe create a post asking if anyone works for the company to offer you a referral. Best of luck to you! please keep me posted.

  22. I recently filed out an application and I found out I am pregnant. Should I still go through with an interview if I get one of just wait until they are hiring again? I’m not sure if I’m be able to train or even fly while pregnant. If I get into training can i postpone it?

    1. HI Milika, Congratulations!

      Training is physically and emotional challenginge. I dont know if I would want to manage my pregnancy during flight attendant training. I’m unsure of the policy regarding such things. I’m sure you’ll make a decision that’s right for you and your family.

    1. This is probably referring to the hours you need to receive medical insurance. Outside of the minimum hours, you have to pay out of pocket for insurance.

  23. Enjoyed your post. For the six A days, instead of sitting around waiting to be called, can you go ahead and pick up trips instead? Also, would it be possible to work like crazy for two weeks straight to get all your hours in for the month, then have two weeks off? Or would that be just too unrealistic and demanding? Thanks!

    1. Hi there! For the 6 days you are on-call you can preference trips. Meaning, request a trip. BUT they are awarded by seniority order. You can try to get all your trips backed up but there is a rule that requires you to take a 24 hr rest from flying every 7 days. This can be 24 hours on a layover though so it is possible, but tricky to get. Hope this helps!

  24. Hey Katrina!
    What a very informative blog! Thank you so much!
    I have a phone interview tomorrow with Delta and I am very excited about it.
    I worked for Air France years ago , then became a HS teacher for “family” reason.
    Now I am the proud parent of 2 beautiful College girls and ready to “take off” one more time.
    Do you know what is the new step after the phone interview and if hired would I be able to make a schedule where I could get at least one week off every other month so I could visit my 2 girls who are studying in Europe? Sincerely, Sophie

    1. Hi Sophie, Congratulations! They’ve update the interview process and I’m uncertain of the next process. Once you complete training you will have some control over your schedule. I’m confident that you can make schedule adjustments to get the time off you need. Best of luck and keep me posted please! Hope to see you on the line!

  25. You have a very informative and positive post! Thanks!

    I applied to Delta for a FA as well a couple of months ago. I have a few questions I hope you can answer. (I have had trouble finding this info)

    1) How much do they pay for LOD’s? Do you know what the bonus for bilingual pay is?
    2) What happens to FA if they become pregnant? Will they automatically be given a ground position?
    3) How much time can your training be postponed? a week? a month? or more? Does Delta train year round basically?

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to read your other posts.
    🙂 Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for reading the post. LOD’s pay should be listed on the job posting on the site. I wish I could give you further details but I’m not an LOD. Also, if an F/A becomes pregnant she’s able to stop flying immediately. I do not know what job options are available when this happens. I also do not know about postponing training because that is usually on a case by case basis depending on the circumstance. Hope this clarify some things!

  26. Awesome info!! Thanks so much for your post.

    I just had my online interview, what would be the next step? Does Delta pay for transportation to get to training? While in training do you stay with a roommate or can you stay with a family member while in training?

    1. Hi Sommer, congratulations. I can only tell you about my experience when I was hired since things can change. I was responsible for my own transportation for training. Out of base commuters, those living in other cities, were able to fly in and was arranged by the company. If you lived within 50miles (or something like this) than you did not get a room. Yes there were roommates.

  27. Hi Katrina!

    On #19 u said the pay would be bad for the first 2 years. What do you mean? Do we need to have 2nd jobs? How does pay work. Bc before that I thought you said we’d be working a lot of flight hours. Just curious to know how it all works. I’m a single mom and I’m going through the interview process. Could you please help me get clarity?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Tasha, I’m unable to publish our current pay levels, there should be a starting salary listed on the published job and thats pretty accurate. As with most service jobs, the longer you’re there the more money you make. I get an annual pay raise. Starting off many F/As opt to fly as many hours as possible to make up for the pay. When I started flying, I had 3-4 years built into my pay because of I was a company transfer. Working a regular f/aschedule, not adding or not dropping, roughtly 80-85 hrs a month, I may have grossed 30k in my first year. Expect to make less than that with your hours. Currently at my pay scale, I make almost twice as much.

      1. Thanks Katrina! Well I hope to fly as much as I’m allowed to make up for all I can! First let’s hope I get the job. Preparing for my final interview. Congratulations on the baby by the way! I think it’s so cool you manage to travel and create a work/life balance. Definitely goals for me.

  28. Hi Katrina!

    I am going for my face-to-face interview the beginning of February and I have a few questions. If I receive a CJO do you know how quickly training would start? My nephew is also due to be born over the time that training would seem to be. Do you know if they would give you any time off during training for such things as this? Thank you!

    1. Hi Emily! Congratulations.Please explain what you mean by a CJO. Also, you will likely not get time granted off during training without having to start again or not being able to continue. Every moment in training counts towards your certification. I’m unaware of anyone being able to make-up hours without starting from day 1. Hope this helps!

  29. Thank you for your post. I would love the opportunity to work for Delta. Im a RN, I’m wondering if Im lucky enough to get hired by Delta, will I have the opportunity to work a few days a month as a Nurse, and be a FA?

    1. Hi Ryan, I’ve flown with several RN’s. Both jobs have lots of similarities so I see this as an advantage for applying. Hope to fly with you one day. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  30. Hi Katrina!

    I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about what it is like to live in a different location then your base? Based off the starting out pay, I believe that I would need to live at home, but my closest base is 4 hours away (Boston) and was wondering how this works? Would I need to commute 4 hours several times a week before I even fly? And how does that work on A days if you get called into a flight but aren’t located near your base? Just a little confused about all of this, so if you could help me understand that would be great! Thanks!

    1. HI there, many flight attendants reside outside of their base. They typically schedule trips that are “commutable”, begins late enough to have several flight options in and gets off early enough to have a flight back home the same day. Some commuters prefer to back their trips up to avoid the multiple commutes, others prefer to have days in between. Once you begin flying it will take some time for you to determine what works best. When you are on reserved it is expected that you are available to work during that period so you will need to be in base. Short calls gives you 2 hours to sign in. Best of luck!

  31. As a new flight attendant, what are the odds of being able to have every Tuesday and Thursday mornings off? I would just need to arrange this for about 4 months August-November, as I am finishing my degree. I have heard that most newbies fly on the weekends anyway, so maybe it would be ok with that and a few swaps where necessary?



    1. Hi Bobi, I can speak on odds because there are so many uncertainties. The season, your base, your seniority. All of that can factor into it. I will agree with you that as a new Flight Attendant working weekends is the expectation. Best of luck!

  32. hi Katrina,

    I have 2 kids ages 5 and 4, I’m 36. I was offered a cup, going to training in may. So many people have been negative about it in term so of “you’ll leave your kids for work, the schedule seems too demanding”. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 5 years. Am I being unrealistic to think I can be a good and hand son mom and a FA? I know I can always quit if it isn’t for me but I think I’ll love it. Will I miss seeing my boys grow up? Thanks

    1. Hi Julie! Congratulations. Many people responded the same way when I begin flying.I ignored it because my heart told me we were going to be okay, even though I had no idea. But, to answer your question Yes you can absolutely be a GREAT mom while flying. There are lot of things you do need to factor in though. Will you be commuting to work?(flying into base) Do you have someone you can trust with your children overnight? (spouse, parent, etc.) Compared to the part-time job I had prior to flying I can absolutely say that I have more quality time with my children. I’m now a homeschooling mom!!! Never would I think this would be possible, but we’ve been homeschooling for 6 mos now and will do it again next year. I hope all of this helps. Congrats and look forward to seeing you in the skies!

  33. I have a face to face soon!! I’m so excited and as a mother of two appreciate this blog. I do have a tattoo and will be forthcoming about it but will have my arm covered always. Summers will stink but oh well the dream is to be in the skys

  34. Hello! I just found you. I’m also a homeschooling mom of 3, my children are a little older though. I just filled out my application to be a flight attendant with Delta! In your blog entry, you say the first 2 years of pay “look bad”. What exactly do you mean? My friend works for AA and hers is roughly 2100 a month and she’s a newbie. Should I expect less than that starting out?

    1. Hi Shuana, there are too many variables for me to say. Healthcare cost, retirement savings, taxes, student loans etc. But yes, you start off at the bottom. There should be a sample salary on the website.

  35. Hi! Thank you for your information! How long (roughly) does it take to get off reserves?
    In a 30 day span, realistically how many days are you away from home as a reserve?

    1. Hi Silvia,

      The reserve system at my company works a little different. We are giving 6 days a month for A day reserve. All other trips are scheduled and plotted. The 6 days are plotted in 2 sets. 3day + 3 day. I’ve been on the line for 6 years now and it my base has a very heavy Aday requirement so I expect to have adays for at least another 6-10 years.

      Hope this helps!

  36. I know this post is a few years old but I just applied to be a flight attendant in Atlanta, Ga. I was wondering if you know of any policies or common trends to not hire thicker employees dues to the nature of the job. I have wider set hips and I’m afraid I’ll with won’t fit in a small airplane walk way or I’ll embarassingly be denied because of this. Also what if the uniform fits weird. I’m 5’2 and around 170 so I am substantially more round than the standard person.

    1. Hi Nicole, My apologies for my late reply. You’re health is considered more than your size. Can you evacuate an airplane in the required time? Can you open a heavy aircraft door without power assist? Can you reach for emergency equipment with ease? Can you complete a full set of compressions when performing CPR?

      As far as I know there are no set “size” requirements. During initial training you must be able to demonstrate proficiency during emergency procedures.

      Hope this helps!
      Safe travels!

  37. Hi Katrina! Thank you so much for writing this article! It is super helpful and I’ve read A LOT of FA blogs. I will begin training in 3 weeks in Atlanta! Super excited/anxious for sure. My biggest unanswered question is the 6 A days. I live about 2 and a half hours from the airport and after allowing time to get ready, etc. I wouldn’t be able to get there until at least 3 hours from the call. Do they always expect you to be there in under 2 hours? Also are you expected to be available all day or is it more “if they haven’t called you by noon, or a certain time, then you can move on with your day”? Thanks so much for your help and insight!! I really appreciate it!!

    1. Hi Bridge, I’m sure by now you have got your question answered but I’ll respond anyway incase someone else wants to know.

      In most cases you are given a reasonable amount of time to get to the airport and they will always try to give you more than the minimum time of 2 hours. I”ve been “short-called” before, perhaps 3-4 times in my 6 year career. There are some things you can do to prevent this from happening, you can request an Airport Standby position or preference a trip. This way you have a scheduled time to arrive.

      If you’re unable to get a trip or airport standby time, you may want to monitor the ADY list and open time regularly. You can visibly see everyone under and above you so you know the chances of being “short-called”. Also, if Open Time is filled, and you’re close on the list to be called, then just assume you’re going to get one of those trips, but you can always preference a trip at that moment, based on what is most suitable for you. Some FA’s just come to the airport knowing they will be called.

      Hope to fly with you! Safe Travels Bridge!

  38. As a new hire, how often would I be able to score international trips? Incheon in specific. I’d like to be able to fly there often as I have made a lot of close friends there recently. Not sure how demand that location is.

    1. Hi there! It depends on the season. But anything is possible. I’m heading to Nigeria this Christmas. Though we are not allowed to leave the hotel due to security concerns, I look forward to the experience and the pay $$$ 🙂

  39. Hi Kristina, thanks for this post- it is still so relevant after 4 years!
    I’ve applied for the Gate Agent position a few times but never made it past the video interview, unfortunately. There haven’t been any openings recently so I’m considering applying to flight attendant, as I do speak Dutch and German. How many days would you say you are home per week? Is there an option to not pick up shifts at all, or maybe just 2 days every week for that month? Basically, is there a minimum amount of hours that you’re required to work?
    I read above that your first flight was to Amsterdam, which is my goal flight. What did that look like? Did you have to stay overnight, or more than that, before returning to your kids? Do you get some time off after international flights?
    Thanks so much for any info you can give me!

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