What to Pack For a Romantic Weekend Getaway

What To Pack For a Romantic Weekend Getaway

What to Pack For a Romantic Weekend Getaway

A romantic weekend getaway is the perfect way to spend one on one time with your man.  Everyone deserves a break from the monotony of life and a weekend away is proven to light fires and bring sizzle back into the relationship.

You confirmed a sitter for the kids, he just booked the room, and now it’s time to pack.  I love packing for romantic getaways more than packing for a family trip.  I like to focus on what my needs are and what will help set the mood.  And setting the mood doesn’t have to break the bank. You can use stuff that you already have in the house to create ambience.

Here’s What to Pack for a Romantic Weekend Getaway:

1. Candles– Mood lighting is important. I love soaking in a nice warm bubble bath, listening to my favorite music with the lights on full bright.  Not!  Please dim the lights.  Tea light candles work best for arranging all around a room but can burn out fast.  Get large candles if you want it to last and scented candles for doubled duty.

What to Pack for a Romantic Weekend Getaway

2. Massage Oil-You can buy some at your local drug store or you can make your own like I do.  I love Extra Virgin Olive Oil for my hair and body and it works great as a massage oil.  I use a small recycled bottle and add a few drops of lavender essential oils or his favorite cologne.  Add a few drops in the bath to soften your skin.

3. Bubble Bath– Any foam bath or bubble bath will do.  I love The Thymes lavender foam bath, but when I run out I use my kids Mr. Bubbles Sensitive Bubble Bath and add a few drops of essential oils.

4. Bath Salts– I love Pink Himalayan Bath Salts.  It’s great for soaking and soothing tired muscles. I also love these DIY Lavender Coconut Oil Bath Fizzles from MommyWeek.com.

What to Pack For a Romantic Weekend Getaway

5. Bluetooth Speaker –  I pack my Bluetooth Speaker with me for work so it stays inside my carry on.  If you don’t have a playlist no worries.  Pandora’s Babyface or Maxwell Station are really good at keeping soft love songs on repeat. (Read what else is inside my carry on bag here.)

6.  Lingerie- Every grown women must have a draw full of lingerie and keep it filled.  Pick out his favorite and your favorite pieces to pack.  Also a nice soft satin robe to cover up.  Check out and follow My Secrets Pinterest Board for inspirations.

What to Pack For a Romantic Weekend Getaway

7. Birth Control – I’m sorry I have to interject this. What sort of responsible writer would I be if I didn’t remind you to pack this with you?  Whichever kind works best for you make sure you have extra.

8. Dress and High Heels – This is the time to bring out your ‘do me’ shoes.  Yes we all have at least one pair of these.  Your romantic weekend must include at least one dinner at an upscale restaurant.  Wear that dress that you feel good in and he likes to look at.  Those shoes will set the evening off right. Check out more shoes on my Pinterest Style Board.

What To Pack For A Romantic Weekend Getaway

9.  Your special scent.  If you have a special perfume reserved for special occasions, now is the time to throw it in the bag.  I like to try new fragrances on my weekend trips and I usually carry bottled samples I get from Nordstroms.  By the end of the weekend I know if it’s a keeper or not.

10.  Your Alter Ego.  You’ve been toting around Mrs. Nice all month long.  Now it’s time to bring out your sexy alter ego.  Your inner Sasha Fierce.  She’s playful, flirtatious, uninhibited and passionate.  He will love every minute of her this weekend and so will you.

What to Pack for a Romantic Weekend Getaway


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Have more ideas or suggestions on what to pack for a romantic weekend getaway?  Send me an email at katrina@mymommyflies.com or leave me a comment below.

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