What’s Inside My Carry On Bag

What's Inside My Carry On Bag

When you spend half your life flying through time zones you rely heavily on the items you pack inside your carry-on bag.  Long days, multiple cities, and caring for hundreds of passengers can leave me feeling like a train wreck by the end of the night.

I’m very meticulous about what I pack in my bag to go on my trips.  It has to be small and light so it doesn’t take up a lot of space or weigh down my bags.  It also has to be soft, durable, and provide lots comfort.  If it serves multiple purposes than thats a plus!

These are my absolute favorite things that are inside my carry-on bag this month:

1. RUME packable tote.  I found this all purpose bag some time ago and I’ve kept it in my bag ever since.  I don’t carry a purse so if I’m hanging out in a city,  shopping, dining or doing things that tourist do this is the one bag that I can fit almost anything into.  It’s extremely durable and very packable. The color and print goes with mostly everything I wear day or night.

2. Belkin sports armband.  I work out frequently when I travel.  I get to run in some pretty cool places.  I like this Belkin armband because it fits snugly without it feeling too tight.  I just got my new iPhone 6 Plus and I’m searching for a replacement.  In the mean time I keep this in my bag as reminder to go workout.

3. Dry Sage.  My little sister turned me on to smudging with dry sage.  This is all natural dry sage that helps to balance my energy and neutralize the odor in the rooms.  I use to carry incense to clear out that musty smell but this is another double duty item I don’t leave home without.

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4.  A pair of 3M Earplugs.  Early morning wake up calls are no laughing matter.  Staying hydrated and getting enough rest is very important in my line of work.  Sometimes guests at the hotel can be a bit noisy and the walls are paper then. I’m a sensitive sleeper and I hear all types of noise when I’m trying to sleep.  These help me block out all sound so I can rest peacefully.

5.  NasaFlo by Dr Mehta.  A few weeks ago I thought I came down with the flu. I went in to see my doctor and she assured me that I was just coming down with an awful cold and possible sinus infection.   She recommended that I use a netti pot for the next few days.  Sinus pressure and flying does not mix.  If you’ve ever experienced this while flying then you know it’s nothing to play with.  I use this netti pot every night for a few days, then tapered down to once every few nights.  I now  use it twice a week to keep my sinuses clear and help manage my allergies.

6.  Clarisonic cleansing brush.  This little dude does a fantastic job on my skin.  At the end of my work day my skin is covered in grime.  I need something that will gently scrub my face and dig all the pollutants out of my skin.  This makes my face feel and look clean.  The carrying case makes it very easy to pack and store.

7.  MAC Cleanse Off Oil make up remover.  I have an evening routine that includes my skin care regime.  MAC’s make up remover is easy to use even if I forget my cotton ball  I can use this on a  face cloth.  I also like that it has a top that can lock the pump so its leak proof.

8. Aveda Foot Relief.  I usually don’t pack full size but when I do it’s something that I love and use very often.  My feet are throbbing by the end of the night. This cream naturally exfoliates and soothes my tired and sore feet.   It keeps my feet very soft and beach ready in between pedicures.   I massage this on after my showers every night and slip into some extra fuzzy socks.

9. Gilligan & Omalley flannel pajamas.  These are a super soft texture  set with a pop of color.  I love color in my pjs,  it helps boost my mood before bedtime.  I got this set on clearance at Target for $5 after Christmas.

10.  My purple flip flops.  This is one of those double duty items.  These were a complimentary item from our recent vacation to the  Andaz Resort in Costa Rica. (Read more about our Costa Rica Vacation here.)  I always pack a bathing suit, cover up, and flip flops in case I fly some place with sun and sand.  I also use my flip flops in the hotel showers when the bath tile looks questionable.  I’ve never had a foot fungus and I don’t plan to get one.

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