Savannah Girlfriends Getaway with Jen Price

Savannah Girlfriends Getaway

Jennifer Price The Atlanta Beer Boutique

Meet Jennifer Price of The Atlanta Beer Boutique.  Also known as Jen, for those of us privy to meeting this spunky Atlanta native with an infectious smile and hearty laugh.  Jen and her friends have been retreating to Savannah, Georgia every year since 2006 for their  Annual Girlfriends Getaway.

Sisters and Friends, Micki and Jen


I first found out about this exclusive Girlfriends Getaway from Jen’s sister Micki, whom I happen to be good friends with.  I’m always open and looking for ideas for my Annual Girlfriends Getaway, and Micki and I sometimes chat about the logistics of their Savannah trip.

“I will never forget that summer.”

Group travel can be one of the most challenging trips to plan. Varying schedules, managing likes and dislikes, and coordinating as many as 24 women, I assumed that this would be intense for Jen. But after nearly 10 years of planning their trip, Jen Price has mastered the Savannah Girlfriends Getaway.

“Our getaway is Fulfilling, Relaxing, and Inspiring.”

Inspired by Oprah’s Legends Ball in 2006, Jen was looking for a way to both celebrate her birthday and honor the women who’ve had the biggest influence in her life.  I got a chance to talk with Jen and get full details of their Savannah Girlfriends Getaway.


Historic Downtown Savannah, GA.

I’d been visiting Savannah for a work project.  It was the first time I’d been there in years and fell in love.  I thought it would be the perfect place for a our getaway.


It typically occurs in May, June, July, or August.  

Our rental property is the biggest historical home in Savannah and is a popular venue for weddings and ceremonies.  It usually gets booked 6 months in advance.  The owner knows our group.  She looks for us to come every year.   She usually sends me an email at the beginning of the year of the weekends she has left.  I send a GroupMe text of the dates to my friends and the majority wins.    

Living Room-Savannah-Vacation-Home
Photo Credit Savannah Vacation Homes

Since we are booking all three units, the owner allows us to make three installments. {This payment option may not be available for every reservation.}  The final payment is due two months in advance.  Once we finalize the date and have a final count I divide the payments up with the total number of women.  They would send me the payment before the deadlines and I just make the payments directly to the owner. 

Example of how individual cost is calculated:

Total cost of 3 day rental is estimated at $5,400.  3 equal payments of $5,400 = $1,800. Total number of women is 20.  $1,800 /20 women= $90   Each traveler makes 3 payments of $90.


Every year we travel to the same home in Savannah.  It has 14 bedrooms and each room has a bathroom.  It’s the only house big enough to fit our large group comfortably.   It actually has 3 rental units and we book the entire estate. The main house, the guest house also known as the carriage house, and an above ground basement suite. 

Savannah Kitchen
Photo credit Savannah Vacation Rental

The kitchen is our meet up place.  It’s not really a big kitchen but we all gather there the first night and just talk.  I learn something new each year. There are four large back porches where we also commune.


Savannah is a little more than 3 hours from Atlanta.  We usually just carpool from Atlanta.  Some of my friends that don’t live in Atlanta fly into the Atlanta Airport and drive or fly directly into Savannah.   The car rides are always awesome.  We get to talk about real issues and catchup.  The same people usually ride together.

“Of course we like to party and drink.”


 It’s a very light hearted weekend.  The only thing we are committed to doing together is brunch on Saturday at SOHO South Cafe and a professional photo shoot with Angela Hopper Photography.  The photo shoot is the fun part.

Some of us get out and walk River Street, shop for 4 straight days, work, eat, or just read a book.  We do a lot of whatever we want to do. Of course we like to party and drink.  Mrs. Wilkes Dinning Room is a great place for lunch.


We follow the guest rules posted by the property owners which is pretty basic.  Each person cleans up after themselves.  “We treat it like our home.”  Because we’ve been traveling to this home for nearly a decade, we take great care to make sure things are left in good condition.  Towels in the laundry room, take the trash out, clean any dishes


The Saturday brunch and photo shoot is something we do each year. Saturday night is our big party night.   Sometimes we go in on crab boils and big liquor purchases but I’m particular about the beer I drink so I bring my own.


We don’t really have too many challenges.  Just recently I’m having a hard time with people backing out of the trip after we are confirmed. It’s a busy year and everyone has a lot going on and I understand there are things you can’t control.  I have to keep adjusting the price when someone backs out so the cost changes.


We were in Savannah when the Treyvon Martin verdict came down. I remember we were all together on the back porch.  It was a Saturday, our party night. July 13, 2013.  The Not Guilty verdict put a damper on the group.  It hurt my sister.  We were all hurt.  I will never forget that summer.  We were all in shock, but we were able to support each other.  It was a safe space.

Photographed by Angela Hopper Photography 2013

Jennifer Price is the owner of The Atlanta Beer Boutique.  She currently host pop up events in the local Atlanta area and have plans for a full service pairing shop that celebrates the beer experience.

“I drink beer for a purpose.” ~Jen Price

Find out more about Jen and the Atlanta Beer Boutique online at:

Facebook-Atlanta Beer Boutique

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  1. I love everything about this!

    Thanks for introducing me to Atlanta Beer Boutique!

    Savannah is such a beautiful city. This group trip actually sounds like a lot of laid back fun with friends. Planning my first group trip to Jamaica this August. Fingers crossed it’s a success and becomes a recurring event like this one.

  2. I love our annual SGG trip! No matter the space or what’s going on in my life, I look forward to this trip to relax, renew, reset, rebuild and regroup. These ladies are amazing! Jen is an absolute gem and blessing!!! This is an awesome site & great feature!

    1. Thanks so much Josie for checking out the post. I’m delighted to share your “SGG” trip to inspire other women to get out and travel with friends. Enjoy your next getaway!

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