Tips for the Louvre with Kids

If you’re traveling to Paris with kids be sure to check out the famous Louvre Museum. It has the largest collection of art, paintings, sculptures, and artifacts in the world. Inside this grand palace nothing is lost. Every piece is curated and positioned to enhance your experience.  Not to mention, the Louvre offers free entry for kids!

Tips for your visit to the Louvre with kids in Paris, France!

I took my kids to Paris this fall.  They are 10 and 7.  The Louvre was at the top of our list of things to do in Paris.   I didn’t think they would enjoy it as much as they did.  My son was mesmerized by the ceilings in the Italian corridor. And my daughter was captivated by the mummy revealed in the Ancient Egyptian exhibit.

He was awed by the ceilings in the Louvre.

The Louvre is wonderful for kids, but may not be the best choice for tots.  I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 4.  It’s huge and I can’t imagine a toddler strapped in a stroller that long.   If you just wanted to see a few exhibits with your toddler, plan to spend 2 hours or less during your visit.

She absolutely loved the mummies on the Ancient Egyptian tour.

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Entry to the Louvre

There are two ways to enter the Louvre. The main entrance at the glass pyramid or the underground entrance at Jardin de Tuileries. The second entrance at the garden is usually not as crowded as the glass pyramid entrance. You can access it down the steps at the intersection where Jardin des Tuileries begins.   We purchased our tickets online the same morning and showed our passes on our phone to bypass the long line at the pyramid.  Look for the signs that reads E-ticket at either entry.

Tickets to the Louvre are 15€ for adults and FREE for kids!

At the glass pyramid entrance of the Louvre. It was a cloudy day best spent indoors!

The Louvre Audio Guide

Like most great museums, the Louvre offers an audio guide.  I recommend getting it when you visit the Louvre with kids. The adult price for the audio guide is 5€. And 3€ for persons 26 years of age or younger.  The audio guide is loaded with lots of features, languages, and guided tours to choose from. It’s user-friendly and kids love it because it’s on the Nintendo 3DS.  They actually think they’re playing a video game.

They were so engaged with the Ancient Egyptian audio guided tour.

We took the Ancient Egyptian Family Tour recommended by one of the staff.  It was a great choice for our family.  It was an hour long and full of information narrated by an animated sphinx.  The kids followed along at their own pace. Everyone enjoyed the tour!

You can also download the Louvre Museum guide app and create a personalized tour for your visit.  The Louvre’s website is also interactive.  Check it out before you go to discover what interests your family. There’s so much to see and do at the Louvre, it’s better to arrive with a plan.

Family photo at the Louvre!

Tips for the Louvre with Kids

A few things to know about the Louvre when traveling with kids:

1. Don’t let the crowds scare you. This place is huge and there’s space for everyone.

2. Purchase your tickets in advance. This goes for all museums in Paris. Lines are shorter for those with tickets in hand.

3. The Louvre is open every day, except Tuesday, at 9am to 6pm.  It’s open til 10pm on Wednesday and Fridays.

4.  Free days are the first Sunday of the month and are usually crowded.  Kids are free every day at the Louvre.

5. The afternoon is a good time to go if you don’t plan to spend the whole day.  We went right after lunch and the crowd was doable.

6. Get the audio guide especially if this is your first visit.  The Ancient Egyptian Tour is a great experience for families.

7. Bring lunch or snacks. The food at the main cafe was expensive and not that good. There are a few other food options inside the Louvre but they can be pricey and are closed in the afternoon.

8.  Check your coats, jackets, and other unnecessary baggage at the Cloak Room inside at the main entrance.  It’s complimentary and self-service so there’s little to no wait.

9. Strollers are okay. Most of the Louvre is accessible with elevators.

10. Be sure to spend time in Jardin des Tuileries before or after your visit to the Louvre.

Happy Travels!

Ancient Egypt Tour. At the Louvre with Kids!
At the entrance of Ancient Egypt at the Louvre with kids!
Broken noses from ancient Egypt.
Amor and Pysche in Cupids Kiss by Antonio Canova at the Louvre with kids!
Winged Victory of Samothrace, Nike of Samothrace at the Louvre with Kids!

Have you visited the Louvre in Paris?  Have any great tips to share? Please leave me a comment below.


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