Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping

Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping

6. Bedside Table-You need a place to lay your items on at night.  You can use a container or box and lay fabric over.  You want to put a small clock, accent lighting, and floral centerpiece on top.   It’s also a great place to put your reading material.

Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping
The Ikea alarm clock cost $3. It also gives the current temperature. The cloth covering the cardboard box is from the thrift store and cost $3 for 4 yards.

7. Music– Lots of people camp to getaway from modern comforts including entertainment. But I love listening to music in the outdoors.   I don’t blast it, but we do use our pocket speakers during breakfast, dinner, and sometimes at night before bed.  It helps us to relax and have a good time.

8. Camp Stove– Most campsites have a fire pit to use for grilling. But to really enjoy your meals and not waste time lighting and preparing to grill, a camp stove comes in handy.

We have a double camp stove from Coleman that we purchased for our Anastasia Camping trip.  This was one of the best camp purchases ever.  It’s easy to use and setup.  Our meals were perfectly cooked and in a decent amount of time.

Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping
The Coleman Camp Stove was on clearance from $70 to $35. We brought our own cooking supplies and pots from home but we scored this Lodge cast iron skillet on sale for $15.

Running water is also essential to cooking and having clean dishes. Check to make sure your site offers a water hookup.

9.  Dining Table– This was my favorite space to Glamp up!  I love a well-dressed table and eating out doors is the perfect setting for a beautiful dining experience.

Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping
We brought our table mats from home. The blue metal dish set was bought on clearance for $9 for a setting of 4.

You can get really fun and creative with your table setting.  You want to pick a theme for your table and stick with it.  We went with a picnic theme and used bright colorful items.  Placemats, dishes, utensils, and tablecloth were all tied into the outdoor theme.

You should also have a fun centerpiece to complete your table. Remember to include citronella candles for accent lighting around the table.

10. Toilet– I saved the best for last.  I never thought in a million years that a toilet would be on my Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping.  But the reality is that when it’s pitch black outside the bathroom station can be a very long and lonely walk.

I credit my husband, who is not a Glamper by nature but prefers the more primitive camping experience, for creating a solution for our late night and early morning bathroom needs.

Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping
We only had the toilet set up for overnight. During the day time we replaced the bag, removed the cover and used it for trash.

We purchased the plastic toilet cover for cheap.  They fit over most 10 gallon utility buckets.  We lined the bucket with a tall kitchen garbage bag and put some sand and dirt in the bottom of the bag.

We used lots of Lysol wipes to keep our hands and the seat clean. This was the best idea for our family of small children.  My husband discarded the entire bag every morning.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and plan use them for your next family camping experience.

If you have more Glamping Essentials tips that you would like to share, please post them in the comments section.

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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Glamping Essentials for Family Camping”

  1. This is so great! The decor is fabulous and I love love the toilet idea! That’s my main issue with camping. And beds not a sleeping bag on the floor! The food looks delicious!

  2. Thanks for posting this information is very helpful for our upcoming camping trip. Its a. overnight trip and the site has a covered pavilion, kitchen, bathroom with shower and most importantly a large gas grill. Just need the air mattress and I think that will help!

  3. These are such great camping ideas, I love each and every one of them. Using rolled up throw blankets as accent pillows is genius. I’m sure your family had a wonderful time.

  4. One thing you are missing for your glamping tent, is an airbed cot. Basically raises your airbed off of the ground. Search for it on Amazon. All of our friends changed the name of our tent to the condo, after they saw our bedroom!

    1. Thanks Heidi, I like the idea of a cot but I don’t think it will pack well in the car. How collapsable are they? I’ll have to check it out!

  5. Cat litter in the bag works really well for the portable toilet. I used it on our last camping trip, and it was great. It absorbs the odors too! 🙂

  6. This was an amazing post! I love the small & big – not so obvious details. I do not have a family (yet!) but you bet my boyfriend & I will be using these great tips in Tahoe next week! I am also excited to read more on your site, it seems quite inspiring.

  7. WOW!!! you’ve bought camping to a new level, love that toilet idea Katrina. next time kick it up a notch. Add some kitty litter. keep up the good work, CREATING.

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