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Destination: Andaz Papagayo Resort Costa Rica

Andaz Resort Courtesy Van
Courtesy transportation to nearby sites is provided in the resort’s retro purple van.

Everything about your stay at the Andaz Resort in Costa Rica will spell out luxury.  Your senses instinctively awaken once you step through the open aired entrance.  Delicate butterflies of every color flutter and dance graciously from petal to petal welcoming you to this naturally splendid oasis.  The attentive staff is waiting to offer you fresh pineapple with mint juice picked from the ripe gardens of Costa Rica.  Almost immediately your spirit responds to the sounds, smells, taste and sight of the Papagayo Peninsula.

Andaz Resort

Only a 40 minute drive from the newly constructed Liberia International Airport, Andaz Resort is located on the Papagayo Peninsula of Guanacaste. This is a very private area of Costa Rica, exclusive to luxury resorts such as the Four Seasons Golf Club and very wealthy private land owners such as Michael Jordan.

Cost Rica is a tropical country with a distinct wet and dry season.  The Guanacaste area is one of the driest regions in the country.   During the day the sun is bright and hot and at night the temperature is a comfortable light breeze.  Sunscreen is a must all day long, along with insect repellent during both day and night.

The Ocean View or Tropical Forest View rooms at the Andaz Resort will be your first stop after check in.  Your bags will be delivered to the room and depending on the location of your accommodations, you’ll be transported there by an attendant in one of the resort’s electric golf carts.  Upon arriving in your room you will find a very spacious and well designed layout.  Open aired rain shower, an oversized balcony with seating, and Costa Rican wood furnishings and decor. There are several room options including the Presidential Suite at the Andaz and services include in room dining.

Which ever room you select you will have your full share of perks from the Aveda bath amenities, a full complimentary nonalcoholic mini bar with local soft drinks, wireless connections. Also included is a complimentary hand weave basket to use during your stay at Andaz. You can take it home if you choose for a small fee.

DSC_0119 Andaz Resort DSC_0203 DSC_0215

Breakfast is served in a large open aired dining space and boast the wide open sea, blue sky, and lush tropical foliage as it’s focal point.  The breakfast buffet offers selections from traditional Costa Rican kitchens, fresh local fruit and juices, and an assortment of fresh baked pastries to rival with a few french bakeries.  Costa Rica is well known for their coffee beans and after you’ve had a cup of the cafe negro you will know why.  There is Barista classes and cooking classes to teach you the proper way to make these favorites.

Lots to do at the Andaz
Lots to do at the Andaz

There are several inspiring fine dining options on site including a festive Tapas bar called Chao Pescao.  The Prawn Empenadas is must have from Chao’s menu.

Andaz Resort Pottery
Handcrafted pottery like these piggy banks are found all over the Andaz Resort.

Local crafts like clay pottery and hand crafted wood furniture and exposed beams creates a very modern tree house effect.  In fact every unit, space, and building is designed to give visitors the feel of living comfortably and at peace in the forest.

There are several pools on site, one is reserved for adults only and stays open late.  Don’t worry though, the Andaz Resort is family friendly.  There are plenty of food choices for your bambinos and most importantly a kids center with a small outdoor playground.

Onda Spa
Located inside the Onda Spa, this stairwell is the perfect example of how the resort infuse natural elements and shapes into their design.

If you need a moment to get further in touch with your inner being, than you must make time to visit the Onda Spa.  Situated on the further side of the Andaz resort, the Onda Spa has private open air treatment rooms and well appointed dressing rooms with steam and sauna.  The exercise room is well equipped and is also located in the Onda Spa area.

Andaz Resort Review
Natural ingredients for a body scrubs.

Don’t forget to confirm your Yoga appointment.  Even if you’re not a yogi at home, no one will tell in this class.   The yoga area is located at the top of small hill providing privacy and an awesome moment of respite as you take in your natural surroundings.  The yoga class is well instructed by a  very knowledgeable instructor that is mindful of her students varying levels of experience.  Yoga mats, towels, and water bottles are provided so no need to lug your own.

Yoga Studio Andaz Resort
The perfect retreat for Yoga class at the Andaz Resort.

The Andaz Resort has a very diverse list of programs and activities.  There is no way you can run out of stuff to do.  There’s golfing, canoeing, paddle surfing, snorkeling, and jet skiing to name a few.  If you forget to bring your sunscreen there are large cases of sunblock for both kids and adults located by the beach and pool area.

Andaz Resort

If you decide to relax at the beach be sure to bring your camera.  The water is crystal clear and the fish are very friendly.  If you stand still in the water about 15ft from shore, the curious ocean creatures will give you a few light toe nips just to see if your a fish.  There is a full beach and pool menu complete with fresh natural juices, cocktails, and mocktails.


Taking a short trip off the resort by boat is simple to arrange.  The 30 minute motor boat ride to neighboring is well worth your time and highly recommended to capture the perfect sunset.  You only need a few short hours to browse the shopping and dining area and mingle with the locals.  If you want to find out more about owning property on Papagayo there is a local real estate agent that does a wonderful job at laying out the details of buying in Costa Rica.

There is virtually no language barriers at the Andaz Resort.  It is fully staffed with well trained english speaking attendants, host and hostess.   You will find them to be attentive and well accommodating.  Order a late night snack or booking a yoga class at the very last minutes is no fuss.

Costa Ricans have a saying  you will hear quite often.  Just like Aloha is the common greeting for the people in the Hawaii Islands, ‘Mucho Gusto’, is the common and often repeated response by the locals. It is most often expressed after your expression of gratitude or by simply saying “Thank you.” Interpreted into english Mucho Gusto means “my pleasure”.  It’s evident by the level of service you will receive at the Andaz Resort that its all done out of pleasure and clearly for the love of their guest, country, and earth.

Mucho Gusto Andaz!

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