Atlanta Summer Bucket List

It’s so hard to believe that Summer is almost over.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the last day of school.

And I’m not the only one feeling like it zoomed by in a flash.  My kids were upset when I told them school was starting soon.   They were in complete disbelief.

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

In an effort to save Summer, utilizing my Type-A parenting skills, I devised a plan.  I asked my two younger children, 6 and 8, to write a list of things they really wanted to do before the end of Summer.  To keep the list from getting out of control, I told them they could only choose 5 each.

Creating a Bucket List is a fun way to practice setting goals.

We discussed their list as a family over dinner to make sure they were clear that mom wasn’t making any promises.  I would only use their list as a guide for activities for the final few weeks before school.  In other words, Six Flags may not happen.

We made a few tweaks to their request just to be sure they were listing only the things that was most important to them.  After an hour or two discussing there choices, this is what we all agreed to:

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

1. Canoeing at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Ever since our sailing experience at Anastasia State Park my family enjoys getting out on the water.  Sweetwater Creek has canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats for rent by the hour.  They also provide the life vest.  We enjoyed the beautiful scene, paddling, and feeding the ducks.

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

2. Roller Skating

Skating seems to be a favorite among the kids in Atlanta.  And both my kids really wanted to go. This was the perfect opportunity to use our free passes from Kids Skate Free.  We went to Sparkles Skating Rink in Smyrna on a Sunday.  The music was family friendly, much better than the some of the adult lyrics played at other rinks.  The pizza wasn’t too bad either.  We invited of our scout friends to skate with us.

Atlanta summer Bucket List

3. Movies

We really like the AMC Theater at Phipps.  You can reserve your seats and we love the extra large reclining chairs.  3D movies can be pricey for a family of four, but the comfort is worth it.  We purchased our tickets online in advance to make sure our seating was together.  We went to see Disney’s In and Out.  It was an amazing movie, truly a must see for all families!

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

4. Swimming

When our 4th of July vacation was ruined by an expired passport, (yes this really happened to me, I’m still in shock) we had to make the best of a long staycation.  Luckily for us our YMCA hosted a 4th of July Pool Party at their outdoor pool in Buckhead.  It was the perfect afternoon to dip in the pool. We plan to go back to the pool a few more times before the summer is out.

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

The City of Atlanta pools are a great way to cool off for little to no money.  They all offer free swim during specific hours during the weekday.  Check the site for more info on hours for free swim:  City of Atlanta, GA Pools

5. Sleepover

My 6 year old has been begging for a sleepover with his friends.  All we needed was pick a weekend that both my husband and I would be in town and text a few classmates’ parents.

We ordered pizza and wings and picked up Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 from RedBox, which was a hug hit with the boys.  We used our tumble mat in the family room as a sleep cushion and the boys brought their sleeping bags.  Breakfast was cereal and milk and pick up was 12 noon sharp.  The boys had a lot of fun and my son was a happy camper. Did someone say PILLOW FIGHT?!

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

6. Skyzone

Skyzone is also a very popular place in Atlanta.  I thought it was an airline lounge when I first heard of it, but it’s an indoor trampoline park located in Roswell, GA.  Kids and adults can enjoy several jumping zones.  It cost $10 to jump for a half an one hour and $14 for the full hour.  One hour was more than enough time my children and their friends.  You must also purchase their socks with the grippers at the bottom.

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

7. Six Flags Over Georgia

I will not be taking them to Six Flags during peak season.  But we have plans to go in August when school is back in session and the crowd has died down.  The kids had a great time last year and they now that they are little taller, they’ll have more ride options.

Atlanta Summer Bucket List

8. Dinner with Friends

My 8 year old daughter envies my monthly Girls Night out with my mommy friends.  She’s been pleading to have one of her own.  She wants to have a few friends out for dinner.  The kids both earned a Benihana Free Kids Meal coupon from the Atlanta Library for reading 10 books.  We set a date and called up a few friends. They are going to love their outing.

Atlanta summer Bucket List


What’s on your Bucket List this Summer?  Please leave me a comment below and tell me what your plans are for the rest of the season.

3 thoughts on “Atlanta Summer Bucket List”

  1. love your bucket list. I will follow your plan loosely to end the summer. I have a preoccupied mind right now and not enough space to be creative to plan outings. They aren’t restless, thank God, but they will appreciate doing some of these things. Really some of the same things they said at the beginning of the summer that I forgot about. thank you!

    1. Your welcome Amber! I was really panicking when I realized how soon back to school was. The kids enjoyed checking things off our list . We even managed to get a few more things done. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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