Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

Usually when you read about travel to the Grand Canyon you don’t find a group of young, talented, and professional black women in the lines of text.

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

This is the travel story of  Nena and her five sisters and their weekend  Girlfriends Getaway to the Grand Canyon.

And no they didn’t camp on a trail or stay in a cabin either.   These jetsetters chose luxury and comfort for their Girlfriends Getaway.

“Everyone should plan a trip to the Grand Canyon. There is a reason why it’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.”-Nena

Here are the details of their Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway:


Scottsdale, AZ

We chose Arizona because none of us has ever visited the Grand Canyon before.   We’ve been traveling for 8 years together.  Our first sisters’ trip was to Savannah, GA. We have also traveled to Los Angeles, Destin,  Hilton Head, and Punta Cana.  

“Three of the girls are sisters and the other three are married into their family…so we are all sisters.”-Nena


Fire Sky Resort & Spa

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

The resort is beautiful.  The outside is set up with fire pits around the pool and has intimate sitting areas for socializing and dining.    We enjoyed the hotel a lot. The service was great!

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway
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{The Fire Sky Resort & Spa is a Kimpton Hotel property. It’s also the recipient of the 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award by TripAdvisor. I got a chance to experience another Kimpton Property during My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway.}


We had dinner at Olive & Ivy.  It has a private dining and an outside bar and lounge. I really enjoyed their kale salad with candied pecans. This was one of the best restaurants we experienced in Scottsdale.

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

Group Itinerary

We rented a car to visit the Grand Canyon.  We made a few stops along the way to some Native American retail shops.

Grand Canyon girlfriends Getawy

Make sure you check the weather for the temperature at the Grand Canyon.  Because of the change in elevation, it may be different than the temperature in the city.

Also, be sure to get a paper guide at the entrance of the park.  There are several different viewing points of the Grand Canyon.  Your experience may be totally different depending on if whether you are at one of the South Rim Trails or the North Rim Trails.

We also spent a day at the spa.  We all got massages at Jurlique Spa at the resort.  It was an awesome experience.  

Planning the Trip

We each take turns planning our trip or we’ll each plan part of the trip. For example, one person will make hotel arrangements, one person will make the flight or rental car arrangements, one person will plan the activities, and so on.

Whichever part of the trip you plan, you front the cost and reimbursed later.

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway


Some of the restaurants we visited the food was horrible.  Luckily we found Olive & Ivy, it made up for the other not so good experiences.

Memorable Moments

While we were in the Grand Canyon, there was a squirrel that drank from a tourist’s water bottle.  That was pretty memorable.

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

And of course, taking pictures at the Grand Canyon was very memorable!

Grand Canyon Girlfriends Getaway

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  1. I stayed in Scottsdale!! It is amazing! I visited the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and it truly is breathtaking. I love their stir of sisterhood and traveling together!

  2. This looks like so much fun. Me and some girlfriends are trying to plan a trip to celebrate our 20 years of friendship! Scottsdale looks like an option! #BLMGirls

  3. Seeing black women out and about traveling together really does my heart good! I have yet to visit the Grand Canyon but living in California I hope to make it soon, especially with the inspiration I got from this post!

    1. Traveling with friends is so eye opening and so much fun! I look forward to my annual getaway with my girls. There’s nothing like it.

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