Free Circus tickets

Free Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets

 Updated for 2017 Show Dates and Locations

The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to Atlanta  February 2017 and you can free kids tickets!

Ringling Brothers circus and the Atlanta Fulton County Library (as well as few other library systems in Georgia and across the country) has partnered together to offer your family of readers a wonderful opportunity.  All you need to do is checkout books for yourkids at the library and purchase at least one adult ticket.

Free Circus Tickets

In order to claim your free tickets follow these simple steps:

1. Check out 5 books from your Atlanta-Fulton local library for each of your kids.    If you already have books checked out return them on the day you go in to collect the voucher.  Your kids do not need to be with you.  Here is list of Atlanta Library Locations and hours.

Free circus tickets
These are the vouchers stamped by the librarian ready to be redeemed.

2. Ask the librarian for the free Ringling Brothers vouchers.  They must stamp your vouchers to validate that your kids checked books out.  One voucher per kid.

Free Circus Tickets
This is the floor plan and pricing guide for Philips Arena.  You only need to purchase one adult ticket to get three kids tickets. You must have three stamped vouchers from the Atlanta Library.

3. Take the stamped vouchers to the ticket box office to get the free tickets.  You must purchase at least one adult ticket to get the free ticket for your child.   You can redeem up to 3 vouchers per adult paid ticket.

2017  Show dates:  Feb. 15-20th at the Philips Arena and Feb 23rd-Mar 5th at Infinite Energy Arena.  >>February 17th and 20th offers 10:30am showtimes for school groups and families on Winter Break)<<

I purchased our family tickets for Presidents' Day. I paid $30 for 4 tickets in one of the best sections
I purchased our family tickets for Presidents’ Day. I paid $30 (there was no extra charges) for 4 tickets in one of the best sections.  In total I spent $7.50 for each ticket.

It’s just that simple.  Your kids read and they get to go to the circus. How much more of an incentive do you need?

Need tips on selecting library books for your children?  Here is an easy guide to checking out library books for your kids.  Also check out 25 Ways to Support Young Readers.

For more info or to find out if there are free Ringling Brothers circus tickets in your city, check out

Post first published Jan. 14, 2015.

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