My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway

My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway

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One of my favorite group selfies,”groupies”. Photographed using the EEZ-Y Selfie Stick.

With our rented SUV packed and filled to the brim, we drove 3 hours from Atlanta, GA to Savannah, GA on a Friday morning.  Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway

We filled up the cargo area of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe.

We’d been planning our trip to Savannah for months and had been counting down the days.  We were eager to check-in to our hotel and checkout of mommy mode, if only for a few short days.

This year our trip was extra special because I brought along my Selfie Stick.   It has become my number one travel accessory.  And when you’re road trippin with your besties, it’s a must have.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
On our way to Savannah having fun in the back seat. Photographed using the EEZ-Y Selfie Stick

The EEZ-Y Selfie Stick is so easy and convenient to use.  It fits inside my purse and doesn’t require a charge or batteries.  I’ve taken it everywhere in Savannah.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
The two guys I ran into from Turkey in Forsyth Park in Savannah was also using their EEZ-Y Selfie Stick.
Here is a breakdown of our Savannah Girlfriends Getaway:


Savannah (Historic District), GA


The Brice, a Kimpton Hotel.

My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway

The Brice opened in 2014 and is a 4 star luxury boutique hotel. It offers standard size rooms and large premium suites.  There is a full sized outdoor pool with plenty of seating and tables for guest.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway

The building was first constructed in 1902 as a Coca-Cola bottling plant and has since gone through several transformations.  The decor is clean, modern, and southern savvy.  I especially like the library in the reception area.

My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway
Coffee and tea available in the morning. Complimentary wine hour every evening.

We arrived at The Brice Hotel Friday afternoon, just in time for their complimentary wine hour.   The Brice is located in Savannah’s Historic District on Bay Street, only a block away from the River Street.

We booked two adjoining rooms, a king suite and queen suite.  Each suite has a separate living room with a pull out sofa.  We had plenty of space for sleeping and getting dolled up our Savannah nights.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway

The staff at The Brice was very pleasant and accommodating.  The gentlemen in the valet service treated us like Queens.   We even had an opportunity to meet and snap a few photos with the General Manager, Mitch Linder, whom we dubbed “Mr. Brice”.

My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway
Hanging out in the lobby with Mitch Linder, a.k.a. Mr. Brice.

Group Itinerary

There is so much to do in Historic Savannah and the weekend just wasn’t long enough to fit it all in.

After dinner on Friday we went to the Bohemian Hotel for live music on their rooftop lounge.  The hotel is wonderfully decorated with eye-catching art and sculptures. It was a sultry mix of gothic and southern eclectic.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
My gold henna tattoo photographed inside the Bohemian.

Saturday morning we ordered breakfast from Pacci, the restaurant at the Brice, and ate poolside.  We lounged by the pool for a few hours snapping pictures, dancing, and listening to music.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
Poolside at the Brice Hotel Photographed using the EEZ-Y Selfie Stick

River Street hosted a Blues, Jazz, and BBQ festival that weekend.   After the pool on Saturday we walked down to River Street and shopped at some of the vendors at the festival.  Click here for a full listing of River Street events.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
In Historical Savannah Photographed using the EEZ-Y Selfie Stick.
Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
We took a free ferry along the river just to get a good view of River Street.

After brunch on Sunday we walked through Forsyth Park.  It’s the largest park in the Historic District of Savannah. It has a beautiful fountain and is adorned by the most magnificent Spanish Moss trees.  We also took lots of “groupies” in the park.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
Our “groupie” inside Forsyth Park.  Photographed using the EEZ-Y Selfie stick.


Friday we dined at Local 11 Ten.  The food was great and we had our own private area in the restaurant. Savannah Nights Girlfriends getaway

I ordered the seared sea scallops at Local 11 Ten and didn’t think twice about asking the kitchen for an extra scallop when I was done, which they politely turned me down.

Saturday we ate dinner at the very popular Olde Pink House Restaurant. The food at the Olde Pink House was simply amazing. Out entire table was very happy with their choices, now that’s rare!

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
There are no words to describe this crispy flounder served bone in at the Olde Pink House Restaurant. Im already planning my next trip to Savannah just to dine here.

For lunch on Saturday we ate at Huey’s On The River located on River Street.  We each ordered a seafood entree and beignets to start.  I had their Shrimp Po’boy and was completely satisfied.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
This the BBQ Shrimp that a few of us ordered at Huey’s it was deemed their favorite dish on the menu.

Brunch on Sunday was at Blake’s Fresh Local.    The seafood crepe that my friend ordered was amazing.   Good thing she was too stuffed to finish it because I enjoyed more than a few bites from her plate.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
This is the Lobster Benedict that I order and is new on the menu at Blake’s.

Payment Arrangement

This year for our Savannah Girlfriends Getaway one of my friends took the reigns and made all of our arrangements.   We split the cost of everything, hotel, car rental, valet, and gas amongst the seven of us and we paid her in cash.  The total cost of our 3 day 2 nights trip, not including dining and personal expenses, was $300 per person.

Most Memorable Moment

We had so many memorable moments on this trip.  From the steamy laugh out loud conversations at the dinner table to the headstands and yoga poses poolside, this was truly one of our best getaways.

But, if I had to choose one memorable moment, it would be our bathtub photo shoot. One of my friends came up with the idea of getting all seven us in the tub and taking a picture.

Sounds silly right? But that’s just us!  No matter how grown we are, when we get together, we easily embrace our inner child.

Photographed using the EEZ-Y Selfie Stick bonus tripod.
Bathtub Photo Shoot take 4!

After multiple shots and trying various positions to fit us all in the tub and in the camera’s frame we finally got it, and then someone accidentally turned on the bathtub faucet and all hell broke loose.

My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway
Bathtub Photo shoot take 6!

We had such a good laugh that night.  I’m so glad we had the Selfie Stick to capture this moment.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
Winning shot!


Almost with any travel you run into some complications.  On our second night in Savannah, we had dinner reservations at the new and trendy Grey restaurant.  It’s located in the restored Greyhound Bus station.  We arrived for our reservation on time at 8:30pm. We were told it would only be a few minutes for us to be seated.

Over an hour later, stomachs rumbling and sleepiness setting in, we were still waiting and decided to leave.  At this point we didn’t have a plan. We just knew we were hungry and tired of waiting.

Chipotle came into the discussion but luckily we were able to secure a last minute reservation at The Olde Pink House.  This was the best mishap ever!

And we did get to have our Chipotle on the drive back home.

Savannah Nights Girlfriends Getaway
This has got to be the most lively group of women that I know. Who else do you know that would take a group photo sitting on the stoop braiding hair in Savannah?


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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can tell you all are a lively group. The pics are beautiful. I also love Savannah and have been to so many of the places you mentioned. I stayed at the Bohemian and their sister hotel Mansion on Forsyth park. So beautiful! I am going on a girls trip in July and will have to try my selfie stick lol

  2. Great post, Sis! You captured the details well. Glad we have your blog as a repository for our shared memories.

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