Save Time and Money With Ikea Packing Cubes

How to Save Time and Money with Ikea Packing Cubes

I travel at least 15 days out of the month for business and personal vacations.  I never knew just how much I needed packing cubes until the day I decided to give them a try.

How Save Time and Money With Ikea Packing Cubes

I was doing some light shopping in Ikea and picked up a pack of packing cubes that were in the Ikea family section.  You know the section with affordably priced travel bags, backpacks, and back to school gear?  I spotted these budget friendly packing cubes, which is a new item by the way, priced at $7.99 with Ikea’s free Family Membership.

Save Time and Money With Ikea Packing Cubes

You get 4 assorted cubes in a pack and they come in hot pink or dark blue, or was that black? Doesn’t matter I opted for the hot pink.  It goes well with my other travel necessities in my black luggage.

Inside the assorted pack you get a large shoe bag (I can usually fit 2-3 pairs of shoes inside), a full sized double sided bag, a full sized single compartment bag, and a small bag for personal items.

I was so excited about the price I couldn’t wait to go home to use them!!

Save Time and Money With Ikea Packing Cubes

On any given month that I’m traveling, I probably pack my bags at least 20 times.  That includes repacking on layovers.  Just to pull out a set of pajamas from my bag dishevels the whole thing.  I have to add 5 minutes to my prep time each morning just to put my bag back together again.  And 5 minutes is a big deal when you already have 4am wake up calls.

It’s been nearly two months that I’ve been using my packing cubes from Ikea and I am even more convinced just how easy these cubes simplify my life.

Save Time and Money With Ikea Packing Cubes

The cubes allows me to categorize the items in your bag.  When I get to my room I only need to open the cube that my items are packed in so nothing gets messed up.  In the morning I easily slip my items back in its designated space.  I can move cubes around without anything getting undone.  Packing in the morning is quick and easy

I use the cubes for both work and personal trips. We just came back from the Hyatt Grand Ziva in Montego Bay Jamaica and I stuffed my cubes with all sorts of goodies.

The cubes are the perfect size for my carry-on bag.  I can fold or roll my clothing into the cubes, though I prefer the fold method.  The cube is the perfect size and shape to fit side by side or stacked in my bag.  There is no wasted space in my bag and there’s room left for my toiletries and makeup cases.

Save Time and Money With Ikea Packing Cubes

Packing cubes usually cost $20 or more for a 3 pack.  I saved money by purchasing this pack for a fraction of the cost and when your whole family travels, you can afford to purchase multiple packs.  I plan to purchase additional sets for my husband and children.   


9 thoughts on “How to Save Time and Money with Ikea Packing Cubes”

  1. THANX, Katrina! I will be buying these packing cubes per your suggestion! When I used to travel often (pre-marriage) I used to use the vacuum packs to pack my clothes tight and categorize but this seems easier. 🙂

  2. Hi thanks for posting- how about wrinkles? I know some of the fancy packing options advertise fewer wrinkles. Seems like this would also serve that purpose since less movement of the clothing. Thanks!

    1. HI there, I haven’t really check on that. I don’t have to iron too much when I’m traveling. Most of my clothing the wrinkles fall right out. For the price you pay its worth just checking it out. Thanks for visiting my site and please come back soon!

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