Why You Should Take Your Kids to Comic Con

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Comic Con


Comic Convention = Comic Con, ComicCon,or ComiCon

I was on a long layover in Lexington Kentucky and my hotel was next door to the Lexington Convention Center downtown.  It just so happens that there was a big Comic Con in town, the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention better known as Lexicon.  I purchased a ticket and I was so impressed I couldn’t wait to take my kids to Dragon Con this year in Atlanta.

Why You Should take Your Kids to Comic Con

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Comic Con

Comic Con Celebrates Diversity!

Little did I know Comic Con attracts people from all over; bankers, teachers, moms and dads, couples, and friends.  Comic Con crosses race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.  People from all over flock to this event. It’s usually held once a year in most major cities.  (See full city listing  below post. )

Why Moms Love Comic Con
Diversity is every where even at the Dragon Con Parade in Atlanta.
Comic Con Promotes Individualism!

Ghostbusters was pretty popular at Comic Con and so were the Storm Troopers but there were many that I saw for the first time and couldn’t recognize. People create their own one of a kind character for Comic Con.  You can choose to be whoever you want and no one will question you.  The more unique you are the better!

Why Moms Love Comic Con
A family at Lexicon dressed in their one of a kind character costumes.
Comic Con Supports Literacy!

There are thousands of comic books for sale at Comic Con.  The walls are lined with them.  Some are rare collector items and priced high but many were priced at 50 cents a piece inside Lexicon.

Why Moms Love Comic Con
Walls of comic books for sale at Lexicon this year.

I purchased a set of comic books at Lexicon to take home to my kids and I paid less than $10 for 20 books.  Comic books and graphic novels are a great way to engage the most reluctant young readers.  At Comic Con your kids can dress up as their favorite comic book character which helps them with comprehension as they take on the characters personas.

Comic Con Inspires Creativity!

Comic Con attendees create and construct their own costumes and accessories.  They’ve put in hours and hours of time to make their character as realistic as possible.

Why Moms Love Comic Con
Proton packs constructed by hand at Lexicon.

While I was inside Lexicon I had a chance to ask a few people about their costume and how it was made.   I was surprised to find there were so many components and steps involved with making a costume. Everyone was happy to share with me the details of their costume.

There are also lots of illustrators and writers that attend Comic Con.  If your child likes to sketch, write, or draw this is great way to meet and get advice from real artists.

Why Moms Love Comic Con

Comic Con is Family Friendly!

Comic Con is an event for the whole family.  (Scheduled adult activities start late in the evening.)  Most Comic Cons even offer kids free entry.  I purchased my adult Lexicon ticket for $20 and kids were free.

Why Moms Love Comic Con

Dragon Con in Atlanta sells daily memberships the day of the event and adult prices start at $40 but kids 6 and under are free.  I was able to find $10 off coupons at Subway restaurants  which is good for one adult ticket.  Check here for more details on how and where to purchase your Dragon Con membership tickets.

Why Moms Love Comic Con
At the Dragon Con Parade in Atlanta.

There is a  FREE Annual Dragon Con Parade Saturday morning at 10am.   When I took my kids to the parade for the first time last year they loved it and can’t wait to go back.  Here is the parade route.

If your child tends to get anxious around costumes I recommend the parade only.   Some of the graphic and more realistic costumes weren’t too bad outside in broad day light among a cheering and friendly crowd.

Why You Should take Your Kids to Comic Con

For more information on Comic Con in your city check out these links:

Lexicon – Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

Dragon Con– Largest Comic Con in the South

Comic Con International– International Comic Con in San Diego

Wizard World-Multi City Comic Con Listing

Upcoming Cons-Directory of Comic Cons by date

Convention Scene -Directory of upcoming Comic Cons.

Full Listing of Comic Cons in the US (Wikipedia)

Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, CA
Asbury Park Comicon in Asbury Park, NJ
Baltimore Comic-Con in Baltimore, MD
Big Apple Comic Con in New York City, NY
Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in Chicago, IL
ComicFest in Denver, CO
Connecticut ComiCONN in Uncasville, CT
Comicpalooza in Houston, TX
Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, CA
Dallas Comic Con in Dallas, TX
Denver Comic Con in Denver, CO
Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA
Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA
Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC
MegaCon in Orlando, FL
Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention in Memphis, TN
MoCCA Festival in New York City, NY
Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI
New York Comic Con in New York City, NY
Ohio Comic Con (formerly Mid-Ohio Con) in Columbus, OH
Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh Comicon in Monroeville, PA
Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence, RI
Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR
Salt Lake Comic Con in Salt Lake City, UT
San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA
Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, CA
Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD
Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, OH
STAPLE! in Austin, TX
Wildcat Comic Con in Williamsport, PA
Wizard World Chicago in suburban Chicago, IL
WonderCon in Los Angeles, CA


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