Ringling Brothers Circus Legends

Ringling Brothers Circus Legends

 Ringling Brothers Circus Legends Video Review

My family and I recently went to see the Ringling Brothers Barnun & Bailey Circus Legends and Pre-Show and it was amazing!

I’ve always been a circus lover and we go every year.  Last year we went to Universal Soul Circus and Ringling Brothers Circus in 2013.

This years show is one of the best circus shows ever! There is so much entertainment packed into the 2 hour show.

Ringling Brothers Circus Legends and Pre-Show

There’s a free pre-show that starts one hour before show time.  The pre-show allows the audience to come to the floor to interact with the circus clowns, dress up in performance costumes and take pictures, and meet some of the circus acts.  My kids and I really enjoyed this.

Ringling Brothers Circus Legends

The Ringling Brothers Circus theme this year is Legends and is based on the most memorable circus acts over the history of the circus. The show features acrobats, dancing chihuahuas, lions, tigers, elephants,  and a wholly mammoth!! (Elephant in a suit.)  My kids were so entertained and engaged. They both said it was the best circus they’ve ever been to.

I’m sure our experience also had a lot to do with how close we were to the floor.  We were seated in the 8th row of the first section.  And to think we got our tickets for free through our library!  (Free Circus Tickets Post)

Free Circus tickets
Free Circus tickets in your city!

Here are some tips on getting the best circus experience and saving money!

  • Visit the Dollar Store and get glow-in-the-dark items, candy, and circus snacks like Animal Crackers, Cotton Candy, or Caramel Popcorn.
  • Pack a lunch, snack, and beverage and bring it with you.
  • Arrive one hour early for the Pre-Show and up close parking.
  • Bring your camera.  There will be plenty of photo opportunities during the Pre-Show and Circus.
  • Be a kid again. Laugh out loud and enjoy!

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