15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hairstyles for Travel

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

10.  Prim and Proper

This is a tight bun worn lower than the High Bun I rocked poolside.  It’s more conservative bun.  I secured the twist in a pony tail, sectioned in two parts, and wrapped each one tight around the bun. The ends were tucked under to secure it on my head.

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

11. Bohemian

This was a fun trendy style to wear for a day out shopping in the Paris Flea Market.  It’s similar to the Elegant look, but more complex.

I first sectioned the hair evenly across in two.  I positioned the top section in a ponytail on the side.  Since I had more hair, I braided the ponytail to keep it nice and tight and wrapped around into to bun.

The back half was sectioned in two across and placed in  ponytails in the center, braided, and twisted around in a tight bun like the top.

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

12.  City Girl

The City Girl look is one of my favorites especially when worn with a cute head band.

It dresses up any casual look.  I worked the City Girl look while shopping in the Garment District.  I left just enough out in the back to give me a full look, but still it was light enough that I didn’t get too hot with hair on my back.

The top was tied in a ponytail, sectioned in two, then wrapped around in a bun.  The scarf coordinated with my look for the day.

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

23 thoughts on “15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel”

  1. I love this!! I cannot believe you put these in yourself! I had Marley twists for the first time and loved them! I love all your styles. So creative!

  2. Love all the great styles you mentioned in your blog Katrina and of course you look beautiful! Ive been looking for a summer hair style wear I dont have to play with my natural hair everyday and I can also look professional for work. Definitely will try your recommendation just need to find someone to do it for me at a reasonable price. Dont have patience like you to braid my own hair 🙂 Thanks Katrina for your inspiration and once again excellent work on this blog.

  3. Does your head feel heavy when wearing the Senegalese twist in a bun? Do you recommend that my natural hair be straight before adding the hair or can i add the hair my natural curl pattern? Which option will blend best with my hair with minimal fuzziness. Thanks!

    1. I think it depends on which hair you use. The Marley twist I recommend using your natural hair. The Kanekaleon hair worked with my natural hair but may be better if I would have blown it out. I may try that next time. I also used lots of Jam!

  4. So cute Katrina, you did an excellent job in styling. I need to watch some You Tube Video’s pronto!!!

  5. I really love the elegant look! I don’t know how to do hair to save my life but I have learned a few natural hair tricks on YouTube. I may just have to try these twist thank you so much for sharing!

  6. So impressed that you did these yourself; your hair looks fantastic! You’re making me consider trying out Senegalese twists now! So versatile. I think my favorite look is #14 “Classy Lady”, but they’re all superb. Looks like a fun trip too!

    Great post!

  7. A HUGE thank you for this! As a low-maintenance kind of gal (who recently acquired the Twists) , this step-by-step instruction guide is amazing!!

    Also would love any tips on hair products to use as well 🙂

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