15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hairstyles for Travel

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

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13. Goddess

I loved the Goddess look that I wore with my long and flowing caftan.  It shows off my long Senegalese Twists.  During My Savannah Girlfriends Getaway we had so much fun taking “groupies” in the bathtub inside our suite at the Brice Hotel.

My hair is sectioned in two across my head. More in the front, less in the back.  I swooped the front over and tied down flat.  I pulled all the hair from the back to the front on both sides to create the Goddess effect.

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

14.  Classy Lady

On our last day in Bordeaux, France we spent the morning at the VinExpo.  Since it was going to be our last day at the expo I wanted a look that was memorable and that left a good impression.

The Classy Lady made my vintage inspired dress look even more retro and allowed my statement belt to take center stage.

I pulled all of my twist to one side and two strand twist it down the side and secured it with a hair tie at the base of my neck.  The rest of the hair was braided and twisted into a tight bun.  The bun wasn’t quite centered but was positioned closer to one side.

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

15.  Parisian

This look is inspired by Paris.  It’s a simple French braid down the center and secured with a hair tie.  I made a tight braid and wrapped it around into a tight bun.  I accessorized my Senegalese Twists using a jeweled headband to match my vintage jeweled dress.

15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel

What’s your favorite look?  Leave me a comment below.

23 thoughts on “15 Easy Senegalese Twists Hair Styles for Travel”

  1. I love this!! I cannot believe you put these in yourself! I had Marley twists for the first time and loved them! I love all your styles. So creative!

  2. Love all the great styles you mentioned in your blog Katrina and of course you look beautiful! Ive been looking for a summer hair style wear I dont have to play with my natural hair everyday and I can also look professional for work. Definitely will try your recommendation just need to find someone to do it for me at a reasonable price. Dont have patience like you to braid my own hair 🙂 Thanks Katrina for your inspiration and once again excellent work on this blog.

  3. Does your head feel heavy when wearing the Senegalese twist in a bun? Do you recommend that my natural hair be straight before adding the hair or can i add the hair my natural curl pattern? Which option will blend best with my hair with minimal fuzziness. Thanks!

    1. I think it depends on which hair you use. The Marley twist I recommend using your natural hair. The Kanekaleon hair worked with my natural hair but may be better if I would have blown it out. I may try that next time. I also used lots of Jam!

  4. So cute Katrina, you did an excellent job in styling. I need to watch some You Tube Video’s pronto!!!

  5. I really love the elegant look! I don’t know how to do hair to save my life but I have learned a few natural hair tricks on YouTube. I may just have to try these twist thank you so much for sharing!

  6. So impressed that you did these yourself; your hair looks fantastic! You’re making me consider trying out Senegalese twists now! So versatile. I think my favorite look is #14 “Classy Lady”, but they’re all superb. Looks like a fun trip too!

    Great post!

  7. A HUGE thank you for this! As a low-maintenance kind of gal (who recently acquired the Twists) , this step-by-step instruction guide is amazing!!

    Also would love any tips on hair products to use as well 🙂

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